• sucks •
tumblr sucks
tumblr sucks
me: i want to die tumblr: don’t feel that way you little star shine kitten pumpkin spice latte anal starbucks angel cupcake!! things will get better!! life is great !!! me: i want to die
↖ Sucks Dick.
Do you guys ever watch lesbian porn and just think “lol noooot with those nails”
if you’ve ever sat on the floor of your shower and cried so hard you couldn’t breathe I am so sorry
LOL rock disco sucks
sorry the quality sucks
Getting an assignment from your teacher like
Homestuck is a fucking shitty webcomic. You all need to stop reading this shit. It fucking SUCKS. Shut the fuck up about Homestuck. I don’t care what you say, Homestuck is the shittiest webcomic on Earth. Haters gonna hate. Go cry some moar, homoshits
fuck off summer sucks
Jesus sucks
mine ur band sucks
punk i don't want to grow up Punk Rock descendents milo goes to college everything sucks today everything sucks
swag girl life Cool dope smoke fuck you hate nice sucks life sucks lovelife fuck everyone tumblr girl thuglife fuckyou hatelife fuckeverything
lok anti mako fuck mako mako sucks mako kinda sucks
! cory monteith canada this sucks the video sucks i'm sorry
love drunk mine Black and White sad sigh messages text messages love sucks text message this sucks boys suck kik drunk texts drunk in love
1k bby edits Zayn it sucks omfg
Niall Horan * this sucks idk???????? still unnecessary