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What to say to get the allowance you want
When the time comes and he offers you an allowance and it’s too low, and you’d like to get more, it’s always awkward to say, uh that’s not enough can I have more? Or maybe you’re too nervous to ask for a higher number. I have this phase saved on my phone in my notes and...
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**UPDATED** Hardcore online security for sugar babies.
This is going to be a long post, but it could potentially save your reputation and protect your identity. Everyone advocates a fake name etc. and this is excellent advice as it makes it that little bit harder to trace you. Nevertheless, fabulously wealthy individuals need to take security precaution...
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sugar daddy vs sugar baby
sugar daddy: Capricorn, aquarius, taurus, pisces, cancer, leosugar baby: Virgo, libra, gemini, sagittarius, aries, scorpio, 
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I don’t want good morning texts. I want good morning transfers to my bank account.
~ glee blaine anderson sugar motta i'm sugar
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