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  • You:Hey babe can you--
  • Suho:*hands credit card* yes.
  • You:No I mean can you just--
  • Suho:*shoves credit card on your face* yes.
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Just some more reasons why I love suho
He tries to keep it together for the fans and for the membersHe truly cares for the members as a leader shouldAnd he’s the nerdiest dork ever Yeah you can can say he’s fake and awkward and not a good leader but you probably haven’t been through his struggles and i’m not just talking about last year,...
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Passerby (to Suho): Excuse me, can you take a photo for me ?Suho: …………… *Takes camera*–Minho: PUAHAHAHHAHAHHHAHAHAHHAA–Suho: *Laughing to himself while taking photos for the man*–Minho: * Still cannot stop laughing*Minho: Right now, you are lookin...
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  • Suho:guys, stop playing around we have to get ready. *angel smile*
  • Exo K:*ignores*
  • Kris:*bitch face + glare*
  • Exo M:...... *stops playing around and behaves properly*
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