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┬áPlease, please help, take a break from whatever you’re doing and reblog I don’t know how to help or call 911 since I only know her first name but someone might..
please remember during this time that suicide rates tend to spike after highly publicized suicides. while Leelah wanted her life and death to bring attention to trans issues and we should absolutley respect that, we should also take this time to support one another and be extra vigilant in the effor...
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“I’m going to make you look hot.” “Let’s buy you some actual girl clothes.” “Well maybe people would be attracted to you if you were more feminine.” “Quit wearing guy clothes.” “You would look much prettier with makeup on.”
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justanother-ana-girl is going to commit and has already taken pills. Please reblog to see if anyone who knows her can call her parents or the police. There is a video note on her blog. Send messages. Try to help save her. She is only 12.
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  • https://www.imalive.org/
  • there's help for you too.
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