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What the signs crave
Aries: Captivation. Someone who not only captures but holds their flickering flames of interest, someone they can’t look away from if they tried, who melts their hearts with slow burning lava.Taurus: Fluidity. In the midst of their sturdy calm, someone who will surprise them and move them, who pushe...
  • Writes non-stop but doesn't share it with anyone:Scorpio, Capricorn, Leo
  • Writes like 5 chapters then gives up:Aries, Gemini, Aquarius
  • Writes like 9 books in 10 days:Taurus, Virgo, Sagittarius
  • In a constant state of writer's block:Cancer, Libra, Pisces
  • Aries:Stop making excuses and take responsibility. If you fucked it up, you pick up the pieces and you figure out what you need to do to make it better. Stop biting the hands that feed you.
  • Taurus:Your word is not the only word and your method is not the only method. You don't have to do what other people tell you, but at least listen to their suggestions sometimes. Have the courtesy to actually hear others out.
  • Gemini:If you have a problem with someone or something they did, go up to them and tell them to their face. Yeah it lets off steam if you tell everyone else, but the only way you can solve the issue is if you're honest with all parties involved.
  • Cancer:You complain that nobody cares about you, yet you never make an effort to get out and see them. Stop wallowing in self pity and come out of your house, there are people who love you and want to see you.
  • Leo:All that self doubt is not going to do you any good. Stop sitting around and waiting for people to love you. They do. Recognize the good in you. Don't be such a bully to your own self.
  • Virgo:Not everyone is going to betray you, but if you don't stop telling yourself that, it's going to become more frequent. Sit back and relax, you're stressing yourself out at this point.
  • Libra:Stop getting involved in everything. They get it, you care, but it's starting to look like you're just in it for the drama. Worry about yourself and your business, you'll know when it's time to intervene.
  • Scorpio:Everyone is different, and you can't expect all of your friends to be perfect friends all the time. People have their ups and downs and their highs and lows. So do you. Not everything is a terrible tragedy. Slow down.
  • ...
  • Aries:Jennifer, age 43, an alcoholic who lets her kids run wild but still shows up to school functions so it looks like she's trying
  • Taurus:Ramona, age 37, a stay at home mom obsessed with interior decorating who spends over $20,000 a year at Homegoods.
  • Gemini:Lyn, age 38, a confident mom who flirts with married men even though she herself is married and posts too much on social media
  • Cancer:Pat, age 41, a loving mom who already has six kids but wants to push for one more because she loves the whole process of raising a child
  • Leo:Stella, age 36, a "younger" mom who is an ex Broadway star and likes to tell stories about her "dazzling" experiences on the stage and rant about how her kids are sure to follow
  • Virgo:Courtney, age 45, a traditional mom who doesn't let her kids dye their hair and thinks college is the most important thing ever
  • Libra:Katherine, age 42, a gossiper who is obsessed with high school reunions and going to parties and socializing
  • Scorpio:Kelly, age 39, a widow who is doing her best to provide for the kids but is grief stricken since losing her husband
  • ...
  • Aries:hell
  • Taurus:food
  • Gemini:kill
  • Cancer:why
  • Leo:fuck
  • Virgo:interesting
  • Libra:k
  • Scorpio:whatever
  • ...
  • Aries:Romantic, compassionate and sensitive. They prefer to hide their more gentle and reserved side with their fiery energy, but in reality, they've got a pronounced dreaminess, filled with fantasies, illusions, and vague emotions. They come across as far more aggressive and bold than they actually are. They have a tendency to internalize their sensitivity, which makes them feel isolated and lonely.
  • Taurus:Determined, energetic, and assured. Although at first they seem laid-back and relaxed, once they've set their minds to something, they are headstrong, full of verve and passion. They can easily take charge of a situation, but they doubt themselves and doubt their capabilities. Instead, they often use their courage for supporting the underdog, those with no voice. They have a tendency to internalize their anger, which results in short bursts of impulsiveness and agitation.
  • Gemini:Calming, grounded, and sensual. Gemini may at first come across as scatter-brained and disoriented, yet they're far more stable than they appear. Though subject to volatile mood swings, these are usually temporary. They have the ability to separate themselves from their emotions, making them more rational and level-headed. They have a deep desire for stability, but by internalizing it, they often end up clinging to the past or pursuing materialistic desires they don't truly want.
  • Cancer:Intelligent, clever, and quick-witted. Though Cancer is often portrayed as extremely emotional, they're much more logical than they appear. They can be very quick-witted and creative when they're by themselves, but they have a hard time expressing their ideas to others. Cancer has a tendency of concealing their thoughts and plans to others, but overemphasize their emotions instead. They can reveal too much personal, emotional information about themselves while not telling others what they're actually thinking.
  • Leo:Sensitive, generous, and loyal. Leo may first come across as open and confident, but they have a great deal of emotional depth which they find difficult to show. They form deep emotional attachments, resulting in integrity and loyalty to those they care for. They're generous and devoted, but have difficulty expressing their own emotions, despite their sensitivity. As a result, they may become guarded and hypersensitive, and therefore unable to share their empathy with others.
  • Virgo:Willful, self-sufficient, and powerful. A stereotypical Virgo comes across as quiet and analytical, but in reality, Virgo has a great deal of willpower. Behind the scenes, there's a strong leadership potential, a potency in personality that is influential and admirable. There's a great deal of pride in this position, but there's also inhibition. Despite feeling proud of their achievements, they feel uncomfortable in the spotlight- resulting in feeling torn between basking in the limelight and shying away from it.
  • Libra:Critical, devoted, and thoughtful. Very often, a Libra seems at best, friendly and charming, or at worst, superficial and unreliable. Libra actually is very thoughtful and eloquent, spending a great deal of time on formulating their thoughts and opinions, as spontaneous as they might act. There's a tendency to notice things here that others wouldn't- they have a sharp and keen eye for details that are usually missed. However, they tend to keep their thoughts and worries to themselves, increasing anxiety and feeling misunderstood.
  • Scorpio:Romantic, gentle, and idealistic. Surprisingly enough, Scorpio has a kindness and idealism that is hidden underneath a more heavy and secretive exterior. Scorpio has a strong belief in justice and is highly-principled, with a strong urge to protect the helpless and the innocent. In a more private sphere, Scorpio is compassionate and sweet to those who've shown understanding and care. By internalizing this aspect of themselves, they end up withdrawing and feeling isolated among others. They may secretly idealize their partners as a means of compensation, leaving them vulnerable to emotional disappointment.
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  • Aries:go into complete shut down mode, temporarily unwilling to talk to anyone or do anything
  • Taurus:gets really angry and frustrated with everyone except for themselves at the moment
  • Gemini:tries to talk about it like it's a funny passing thought but you can tell they really care a lot
  • Cancer:stays really quiet and sullen, seemingly focused on their own little world
  • Leo:often intense outbursts and sadness, tends to become overrun by their doubts
  • Virgo:tries to put their energy into something else, but has a hard time and gets tired
  • Libra:goes out with friends or watches a movie to try to get their mind off of it, or gets irritable
  • Scorpio:goes completely missing for a while, just trying to soak everything in and deal with themselves
  • ...
  • Aries:You may think nothing you can do will hurt them, but you are dead wrong. Please be careful. They may be powerful, but so are their feelings.
  • Taurus:There's a reason they tend to overindulge that you don't know about, so don't judge them because you don't know their limits the same way they do.
  • Gemini:They're just looking for someone to talk to, not something to talk about.
  • Cancer:Sometimes they're half convinced it's best to retreat into themselves, because the world treats them like their disasters are minuscule things.
  • Leo:They can get discouraged just as simply as they can triumph. Really, their pride is breakable and fragile.
  • Virgo:They aren't trying to be assholes, they just see you making horrible mistakes and want to help you quit while you're ahead.
  • Libra:They will explode on you if you expect too much of them. So don't expect them to wait on you forever, nobody is that simple.
  • Scorpio:You can't always figure out what they're thinking. You may think that you have them simplified, but it's likely that you could not be more off.
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Signs giving a presentation
Uhm, so stuff happened and it’s important because the teacher said so: Pisces, Capricorn, Aquarius, Aries*proudly* THE WAR OF 1812 BEGAN IN 1923.  Oh wait..: Sagittarius, Gemini, Leo, Libra*talking very very fast*: fjdklfjskdfjsldfjslfjdl….Any questions?: Taurus, Scorpio, Virgo, Cancer
What Signs are Pushovers?
Each element has the biggest pushover and the most stubborn sign. The pushovers can behave in such a manor because they are people pleasers and like to avoid causing problems due to different opinions or ideas that conflict. An extreme pushover may be weakly-lead or trusts too easily. The stubborn s...
  • Aries:Challenges, taking risks, winning a bet, winning an argument, winning anything, competition, coming first in everything, excitement and adrenaline, being admired, being liked, having freedom to do whatever they like, feeling in control of their life, feeling like they have the world at their fingertips, spontaneity, adventure, an uncomplicated life.
  • Taurus:A peaceful life, relaxation, tranquility, time to think things over, reliability, stability, dependability, having someone they know they can trust, working with your hands, being hands-on, taking things slow, good music, comfort food, luxury, beautiful surroundings, all of the good things in life, being in love.
  • Gemini:Conversation, reading, writing, talking, being listened to, imagination, solving problems, playfulness, youthfulness, people with a sense of humor, being entertained, feeling curious, being told that you're interesting, being told that you're well-liked, variety, novelty, change, multi-tasking, light-heartedness, people who can have a good time.
  • Cancer:Being told that you are appreciated, being told that you are loved and cared for, nurturing and helping others, depending on people loyal to you, revisiting an old friend, your family reaching out for you, the past, nostalgia, reading about historical figures, feeling safe, staying home, having a private sanctuary, soft kisses, warm hugs.
  • Leo:Beauty, flattery, compliments, being the star of a show, receiving all the attention you'd like, extravagance, glamour, bright and bold colors, giving advice, playing the hero/heroine, protecting loved ones, loyalty, flirting and romance, being the best possible, having the best possible.
  • Virgo:Being acknowledged as intelligent, being told that you are helpful, having someone notice things that seem effortless but really aren't, self-improvement, positive mantras, the concept of perfection, down-to-earth people, clean sheets, fresh scents, good books, deep thinking, the feeling of being understood, someone acknowledging your effort and hard work.
  • Libra:Smoothing things over, living a laid-back life, avoiding drama, harmony between everyone, peace and quiet, relationships, romantic movies, being in love, playing the devil's advocate, picking arguments for fun, honesty, gentleness, kindness, beauty, the finer things in life, large parties, being respected instead of underestimated.
  • Scorpio:Having someone that you can trust, having someone that you can tell all your secrets to, loyalty, devotion, sarcasm, discovering hidden things, late nights out, figuring out how other people work, psychology, kindness, softness, challenges, one-upmanship, being right, truthfulness, personal privacy, faithfulness.
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Love, lust or infatuation
Love: Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn Lust: Aries, Gemini, Sagittarius, Aquarius Infatuation: Leo, Libra, Scorpio, Pisces use sun/venus
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  • Taurus, Gemini, CANCER, Virgo, Capricorn, Pisces
“You can’t hold a grudge forever.”“…I know”: gemini, cancer, virgo, libra, sagittarius, pisces “Watch me”: aries, taurus, leo, scorpio, capricorn, aquarius
I was the sun: Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, PiscesShe was the moon: Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, AquariusI was war: Aries, Gemini, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, AquariusShe was peace: Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, PiscesI was disaster: Aries, Gemini, Scorpio, Sagitta...
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  • Aries:wants everyone to love them but can't love anybody back
  • Taurus:wants people to appreciate what they do for them but forgets to appreciate people
  • Gemini:is the flakiest person alive but hates when people flake on them
  • Cancer:is highly emotional but hates when people are too emotional around them
  • Leo:is super flirty with everyone and it means nothing but hates when people flirt with them when it means nothing
  • Virgo:wants people to be direct with what they want from them but is constantly passive aggressive while hoping you catch on
  • Libra:wants everyone to support them but forgets to support others
  • Scorpio:wants to read your every thought but hates when people are intrusive
  • ...