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Swimming Level: Asian
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This is still my favorite
Everyone looks so hardcore. Nagisa’s seme face game is strong, Rei is looking dangerous and not dorky, Rin has mastered his smolder look, Even Haru could kick your ass if you disrespect his pool. And then there’s “I would treat you so well” Makoto. Makoto is the weak...
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I feel…HORRIBLE FOR PEOPLE WHO HAVE GOTTEN REALLY EXCITED THINKING ITS SOME NEW ANIME So here I am to inform you that….”Swimming Anime” isnt an anime…or even a trailer or…an anime thats going to happen. Kyoto Animation  do multiple short 30 sec. commercial things ...
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Good news for the swimming anime fandom
So apparently Kyoto Animation studio noticed a huge swell in the fanbase for the fake swimming anime, which before was just a trailer and have decided to make it a full blown anime. A new video is going around of the trailer now with voice actors. Hopefully more solid information will come soon. But...