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im so so glad that tauriel was created there were about 5 little girls from about 8 to 12 years old dressed in their best elven costumes with lil ears and braids and everything at the movie today and when i came out of the theater and saw them with their families they were all so excited and happy o...
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Tauriel was there for Kili. Bilbo was there for Thorin. BUT WE ALL WERE THERE FOR FILI.
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Legolas and Tauriel at the airport
(Legolas looking at the gate and then back at his boarding pass)”IT IS NOT OUR FLIGHT” (Tauriel flips his boarding pass around turning the Gate 6 into Gate 9)”IT IS OUR FLIGHT”
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I bet Thranduil is regretting not letting Legolas pledge himself to Tauriel
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