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  • good christian girl:*is paired with withdrawn goth boy for assignment* ugh i hope i stay on this trouble maker's good side :(
  • good christain girl:*spots a book poking out of withdrawn goth boy's bag* hey what's that?
  • withdrawn goth boy:*pulls out copy of romeo and juliet* oh yeah just some light reading i usually do in lunch.
  • good christian girl:you.......like Shakespeare?
  • withdrawn goth boy:[quotes some of the wherefore art thou romeo scene without looking at the book]
  • good christian girl:that's incredible!
  • withdrawn goth boy:yeah, i've always felt i've had a connection to romeo- as well as the protagonist of [another 9-11th grade mandatory reading book]
  • good christian girl:yeah *slightly flustered* same here....
  • ...
Depression does not always mean Beautiful girls shattering at the wrists A glorified, heroic battle for your sanity Or mothers that never go...
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when you’re in your twenties and start to realise how young the protagonists of the novels you read are: 
every white teen movie ever
*in that one white girl voice* hey my names elizabeth..and im..not like those other girls. oh no, i’m not plastic, or..goth or..some blonde bimbo. im just elizabeth. *pans to some average white boy* that’s jake. he is sooo hot. how does one describe the level of hotness of the great jake smith. hes ...
sdcc Teen Wolf Dylan O'Brien
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My first love was some insignificant boy when it should have been myself.
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Every American white teen boy movie
My name is alex and I go to parkvale high school. It’s your typical high school with the cheerleaders, jocks, goths and the nerds. *camera zooms in on average looking white brunette boy with a wavy fringe* And yep, that’s me. One of the nerds. But that girl? *pan to typical blonde cheerleader in sma...
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