• teen titans go •
go broncos
Glen Coco you go glen coco coco boss glen
me after 3 hours sleep  mother : are you all right?me : 
“Bravo, writers, for acknowledging your mistakes. No...
Let It Go Punk Version
The Last Sleepless City 
Oops I Did It Again (voice impression attempt)
Sam 'Apitong' Zabala 
So my mom told me to record a song for her. She didn’t give specific instr...
Since everything looks like a youtube comments section, I think it’s time we acted like this is a youtube comments section.
  • good christian girl:*is paired with withdrawn goth boy for assignment* ugh i hope i stay on this trouble maker's good side :(
  • good christain girl:*spots a book poking out of withdrawn goth boy's bag* hey what's that?
  • withdrawn goth boy:*pulls out copy of romeo and juliet* oh yeah just some light reading i usually do in lunch.
  • good christian girl:you.......like Shakespeare?
  • withdrawn goth boy:[quotes some of the wherefore art thou romeo scene without looking at the book]
  • good christian girl:that's incredible!
  • withdrawn goth boy:yeah, i've always felt i've had a connection to romeo- as well as the protagonist of [another 9-11th grade mandatory reading book]
  • good christian girl:yeah *slightly flustered* same here....
  • ...
How I feel about Pokemon go
ellen ellen degeneres frozen let it go
the weirdest thing about 2016 is that there’s a chance we could actually have our first female president…and i’m praying to god that we elect an old white dude instead
way to go paul
every white teen movie ever
*in that one white girl voice* hey my names elizabeth..and im..not like those other girls. oh no, i’m not plastic, or..goth or..some blonde bimbo. im just elizabeth. *pans to some average white boy* that’s jake. he is sooo hot. how does one describe the level of hotness of the great jake smith. hes ...
drawing fan art rugrats teen titans tv shows artists on tumblr 90s kids oh nostalgia picolo 365 Days of Doodles is it okay if i still watch these
  • freshman year:"this isn't middleschool anymore"
  • sophomore year:"you're not a freshman anymore"
  • junior year:"you're almost seniors now"
  • senior year:"college isn't going to be like this"
Yo for real, FUCK SCHOOL ! I mean imma still go, imma still go tho.
I love how majestic the bald eagle looks from the side but from straight on it just looks scared and confused
car titans snk shingeki no kyojin AOT attack on titan
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