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Mom- "You want to go to the store with me? We can grab something to eat."
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  • Guy on the UPS commercial:You know what's complicated? Shipping. Shipping is complicated.
  • Me:You have no idea
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** Teen Wolf allison argent mine: teen wolf I love you more than everything else in this world gifs: tv need I remind you that this SEVENTEEN YEAR OLD GIRL lost her Aunt who was like a sister to her and her mom within a period of a few weeks and right after her mom died she was told that she was bitten ON PURPOSE and that they needed to get revenge a few hours after she died so yes she went off the rails it's completely understandable and when she realized that her grandfather was a stupid liar who didn't actually care who manipulated her she knew what she did was wrong even if she didn't say it it's all over her face so suck on that