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trying to distract myself from this Krisis but EXO used to be my distraction from sad shit so like do you see my problem here 
Community channel Orphan Black clone club she doesn't actually say OB in the vid but it clearly relates natalie tran understands me completely wetcloud: misc edits
submission alternative black girls
The Smiths 
Asleep - The Smiths.
pete wentz fall out boy i have no life Patrick Stump joe trohman andy hurley honestly went out shopping today and saw those and this is the first thing i thought of newsflash everything relates to fall out boy i wasnt going to tag this but i learnt how to change hair colour in photoshop just for this
harry potter hp photos remus lupin werewolf werewolf mcwerewolf
Karkat sollux karkat vantas sollux captor SolluxKarkat Solkar solkat solkat blog garnetbloodandaheartofgold
college AWWW YEAHHH strain powerpoint sociology anomie theory
gif * ed sheeran Teddy Sheeran code ginger edsheeranedit Charlie Rose by josh okay loads of gifs today interview15
teen wolf problems
season one: accidentally changes eye color on lacrosse field  season 3b: mass murder in hospital 
gif pretty little liars sad pll Spencer
Elizabeth mygraphics Bioshock Infinite booker dewitt elizabeth comstock Zachary hale comstock man i know i keep churning out graphics so cheaply but i was hit with serious bioshock infinite feelings and like i have a lot of feelings regarding how elizabeth relates to these two and i wanna write meta under this about it but i hate spoiling this amazing game for folks which reminds me i forgot to tag u bro
louis tomlinson gifs: * olt gifs: otra gifs: 2015 gifs: olt 030915 i couldn't keep a straight face writing the last caption imc rinyg
queue Pride and Prejudice Matthew Macfadyen Keira Knightley jane austen *picspam
Pride and Prejudice Elizabeth Bennet mr darcy bookworm bibliophile book photography bookstagram always reading netherfield
My art comic weight body image Plus size artists on tumblr miad
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