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  • Zuko:Tenzin. It's an honor to finally meet another airbender.
  • Tenzin:*bows* The honor is mine.
mygifs legend of korra tenzin zaheer jaw opened the whole time tenzin was whooping this guy tenzin isn't called a master for nothing
  • Pema:Not tonight. I've got a headache.
  • Tenzin:But Pema.
  • Tenzin:Pem.
  • Tenzin:Pems.
  • Tenzin:What about the airbenders?
  • Tenzin:They're all gone except for us.
  • Tenzin:We must repopulate the world.
  • Tenzin:With airbenders.
  • ...
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2012 legend of korra tenzin day 2 fanime
That awkward moment Korra and Tenzin have a father-daughter moment, and you realize it's also a fath...
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