• text post star trek spirk shut up jenna jenna's headcanons i have a lot of amanda grayson feelings lately •
*gif star trek star trek xi TOS space husbands spirk sydnietm trekedit OTP: I have been and always shall be your friend LOL REMEMBER THAT POST that post that said it wasn't an alternate timeline but an ALTERED timeline [LAUGHING AS I DIE] have you cried about spock prime today
star trek anton yelchin jj abrams Pavel Chekov mine: gifsedits star trek into darkness mine: trekgifsedits the crew series SWEET GENIUS BABY PRINCE i have a lot of chekov feelings which mostly come down to unrequited crushes and bonding with kirk over being misunderstood child geniuses but we won't go into that now
* my gifs star trek spock star trek tos james kirk spirk the city on the edge of forever i just finished s1 and this is hands down my favorite scene
my graphic guardians of the galaxy sir I queue better from a distance peter quill star lord sorry i just have a lot of peter feelings OTL
Picspam Benedict Cumberbatch eh star trek mygraphics zachary quinto chris pine *k star trek into darkness i've been watching a lot of star trek lately say what you want about the plot of this movie but everyone was extra pretty in it
leonard mccoy came out of the womb yelling at jim kirk
by me les mis les miserables how do you face aaron tveit Enjolras i don't even know why i have a lot of feelings because of this song lately
1k *gif star trek spock star trek xi star trek xii space husbands James T. Kirk spirk star trek into darkness trekedit OTP: I have been and always shall be your friend laughing bec i will never get over spock being blocked by that glass you know which gif i mean
My art Fanart I DON'T KNOW star trek srsly spock Kirk spirk star trek fanart
Let us all take a moment of silence in commemoration of this moment   a moment of silence for Kirk having to play that moment off like ‘be cool Jim be cool’  a moment of silence because Kirk thought that his TOUCH TELEPATH reserved ‘Vulcan’s don’t like to engage in phys...
The thing that hurts the most about Richard Griffiths passing away is the realization that most of us will probably outlive Jo Rowling and most of the HP cast. We’ll wake up one day, a day like any other, and hear about the death of a person that is practically immortal in our memory. Someone ...
Appreciation post for Amanda Abbington who has stuck up for Steven Moffat today & has been getting a...
star trek star trek xii *mygifs long post for ts 7gatkeda trekedit having too many feelings it eventually had to be done
When Star Trek Writers Aren't Sure What To Write
whatever star trek spock i have no idea Kirk spork star trek: tos spirk Kirk/Spock kock this is the shit i snap chat sara all day what the hell is their ship name
star trek spock Jim Kirk spirk trekedit pineism