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Send (?°?°)? for my muse’s reaction to yours punching out someone who was flirting with them!
  • ♡:Your narration
  • ♥:Your dialogue
  • ❥:Your internal monologues (thoughts)
  • ❣:Your descriptions
  • ❦:Your details
  • ❧:Your plots
  • ✽:Your ideas
  • ✿:Your characterization
  • ...
Send me a ? and ask a really invasive question aimed at my character
They’ll have to: Rate on a scale of 1-10 how much they don’t want to answer that question. Answer that question.
Send me a ? for my muse's response to your muse breaking down in tears
Send me a symbol, and my muse will answer:
❤ : Would my muse have sex with yours if they asked.✉ : What would they say in a love letter to your muse.☼ : What kind of outfit they think your muse should wear.£ : If our two muses went on a date, who would they expect to pay for it.★ : What their favorite thing is about your muse.♚ : What my mus...
Send me a symbol (maximum of 3!) for what you'd like our muses to role play!
THEMES: ? Action? Adventure? Angst© Comedy? Crime? DramaÜ Fantasy? Fluff¤ Horror¿ Mystery? Romance? Slice of life? Smut? Thriller AUs / SCENARIOS: £ Bank robber AU ? Childhood AU? Coffee Shop AU? Courtroom AU? High school /College AU? Makeover AU? Pirate AU? Penpals AU? Prom AU% Roadtrip AU?...
Send me a ? for my muse's reaction to yours knocking on their door in the middle of the night
Send me a symbol if you would:
? -Take me on a date ? -Stay the night ?- Kiss me ?-Hug me ?- Fuck me ?- Slap me ?-Punch me ?- Kill me ?- Sing me to sleep. ?-Spend hours on my blog. ?-Come with me to a festival/concert. ?-Meet up with me in the future.
Send me a symbol.
æ: Post a picture of yourself ?: Share a childhood memory ?: Make a confession ?: Share one of your insecurities ?: Share something about yourself others might think is weird. ?: Share a turn off ?: Share a turn on ?: Share a song that takes you to a certain memory in the past. ?: Share the ...
Send me a ? for my muse's reaction to yours hitting them in the face with a snowball!
Send me a "?" for my muse's reaction to yours crawling onto the bed, trying to be seductive.
Send me ( ?° ?? ?°) for a bad pick up line.
Send ? and our muses will be handcuffed together, but the cuffs won't come off!
How do they handle this predicament?
Send me a " ¿? " and my character will have to speak to yours in a different language.
Send me a ? for a date with my muse
For Valentine's day, your muse gets to choose their gift! Send a symbol for...
? - a hug ? - a kiss ? - a box of chocolates ? - how my muse really feels about yours ? - a Valentine’s dinner ? - complete submission from my muse ? - my muse tied up ? - my muse reciting a romantic poem ? - something my muse finds very special ? - my muse singing a song that explains their true fe...
Send me a ♛ for a GIF that sums up our character's relationship
Send me a ? for a tip on how to win over my muse
Send a symbol and my muse will show up in your's house at 3AM...
? - wrapped up like a gift ? - murderously angry ? - hopelessly horny ? - feeling like a rider of Rohan ? - with a large, bleeding wound ? - with a sudden urge to cuddle ? - with a cunning plan