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when you click on a gifset to read the subtitles and the gifs get smaller
  *never wakes up* 
when your crush looks back at you
"You should smile more!" "You look tired!" "Are you really going to eat all that?" Is it that time of month? "You’re just being dramatic" "You have terrible taste" "Just exercise and eat less!" "Thats really slutty" "I love Robin Thicke!" the possibilities are endless!
trying to run away from my problems like
me: I’m actually feeling good rn :~) this day is gonna be grea-
me trying to exercise
when u offer someone food and they actually say yes
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gif Black and White text Typography fuck it text gif neon textual reject rejection neon gif
gif Black and White text dope Typography words peaceful rain text gif textual rain gif raining
Dropping a shampoo bottle in the shower.
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gif lights text text gif neon lights gif textual neon sign im yours take me
The four stages of Finals
The week before finals: The night before finals: Right before finals: After finals:
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