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Message to Tumblr Staff,
Remove post limit. Remove message limits. Include instant chat on Tumblr website. Stop spams. Remove “Link Facebook”. Love from all Tumblr users.
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Tumblr needs to change its error message
I’d rather see “We are sorry for this incovinece but heres a dancing cat”
Message me a number (Korean version) ^_^ :
1- Who my first ever k-pop bias was.  2- My first k-pop music video. 3- Favourite k-pop girl group. 4- Favourite k-pop boy group. 5- K-pop Idol who I’d like to be my brother/sister.  6- Favourite k-pop label.  7- The last k-drama I watched.  8- The music I listen to other than k-pop.  9- Coupl...
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The 6th GIF with words is Satan's message to you
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Message from God to Ansley: “Sorry, something went wrong when creating you.”
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( ) Mais uma pra responder ( diria dudu surita) (x) OMG, EU TENHO UMA MESSAGE LERO LERO!!! AI QUE FELICIDAADE.
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