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I rarely abbreviate my text messages
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Reblog if you want messages about ANYTHING.
I posted this and now it has over 114,000+ notes. holy. shit.
It's hard deleting old text messages.
I don’t know why but when I’m deleting my old messages, it feels like I’m deleting my memories; funny moments, sweet moments, stupid moments, etc. Kind of like I’m erasing the evidence.
i need some love and affection and by that I mean anon messages
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Things I’ll never tire of: • pads being called “feminine napkins” • shaving commercials for women where their legs are completely hairless before the razor even touches them • paper towel commercials where the father bursts through the door with his son, tracking mud everywhere ...
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this is just an educated guess but it was the cereal
everybody who reblogs this
Before dcember 25th. Will get a nice message in ther inbox. Since I dont have many followers I doubt many people will see this but hey, why not.
when someone actually messages me
I have followers but no messages
For people with social anxiety, EVERY message they send feels like a “risky message,” not just the ones with heavy emotional content. Every conversation feels like a chance to say something wrong and destroy a perfectly lovely friendship. Silence, while avoiding that problem, is also perilous becaus...
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