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Send “?” for a MORNING text. Send “?” for a text that WASN’T SENT. Send “?” for a RUSHED text. Send “?” for a DRUNK text.Send “?” for a SUGGESTIVE text. Send “ø” for a LATE NIGHT text.Send “?” for a HATEFUL text.Send “#” for a RANDOM text.Send “@” for a SCARED text.Send “&” for a LOVING text.S...
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November me vs. December me
when a board game doesn’t have a start player rule
SUPER TEXT LIST! (Texts From Last Night Inspired)
originally from frommemetoyou [text] Are you lost? [text] NO! That was a typo [text] Did you buy it? [text] I think I’m a mermaid [text] I know it’s 3am, but come over and cook for me.  [text] Too lazy to booty call, so have this text instead [text] Need to bury a body, it’s urgent. [text] Are you s...
Bedtime Memes
“I’m getting sleepy.”“You look tired.”“I’m going to bed.”“Are you joining me?”“I’ll be waiting for you.”“Can you keep it down? I’m trying to sleep.”“Turn off those lights!”“It’s time for bed.”“But I...
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Who was the one to propose:Who stressed more over wedding planning:Who decorated the house:Who is more organized:Who initiates bedroom fun:Who suggested kids first:Who’s more dominant:Who’s the cuddler: What’s their favorite non-sexual activity: Who kills the spiders: Who falls asleep first: Who is ...
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