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  • When I Can Text You:
  • How Fast You Respond:
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Tumblr Texting Buddy Application.
Name: Where you are from: Timezone: Age: When I Can Text You: How Fast You Respond: Anything Else: Favorite kind of music: SEND APPLICATION TO ASK BOX
Texting Meme:
Send me ? for a loving/affectionate text Send me  ? for a drunk text Send me ? for a sexual/naughty text Send me !! for a threatening text Send me ? for a morning text Send me ?? for a strange/vague text Send me ? for a text not meant for you Send me ? for a scared/worried text
Texts are secrets. They’re little mementos of inclusion and excitement you can read over and over. They’re letters, journal entries, notes...
  • Aries:They hate texting.
  • Taurus:Disagreed with something you said.
  • Gemini:You’re boring.
  • Cancer:Busy doing something else.
  • Leo:They’re busy texting more important people.
  • Virgo:They don’t know what to say.
  • Libra:Boring conversation.
  • Scorpio:You annoy them.
  • ...
Texting meme
Send ? for a morning text Send ? for a text that wasn’t sent Send ? for a rushed text Send ? for a loving text Send ? for a drunk text Send ø for a late night text Send ? for a hateful text
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  • Taylor:Hey, what's up
  • Harry:Nothing much, about to go to the zoo with my stylist and her daughter
  • Taylor:I'd love to come to the zoo!
  • Harry:
  • Harry:
  • Harry:
  • Harry:
  • Harry:
  • ...
  • me:hey can you pick me up from my friends house?
  • mum:k wat tym shud i pik u up x
texting purse fab
new texting lingo
omfh- o, my frail heart!ftss- fetch the smelling saltsiatwbb- i await thee with bated breathfw- forsooth, wherefore?!aml- ay, my liege  
texting black people goldfish
  • harry:mate i just saw your tweet didnt know you were into the 1975? what's your favorite track
  • zayn:bro i've gotta go wit that chocolate song ye know aha what a jam ! :) xx
  • harry:fake ass fan let me know when you've heard settle down
  • English:what? [I am asking a question]
  • English:What? [I am formally questioning something]
  • English:what [you're confusing me]
  • English:what?! [shock and confusion]
  • English:what?? [so confused!]
  • English:what???????? [SO VERY CONFUSED]
  • English:? [confused and/or impatient]
  • English:????? [confused, shocked, and starting to get angry]
  • ...
iphone texting
girl: come get this pussy daddy me: On My Way! baby grill
me texting someone
me: hey its me, an inconvenience,
Jhene Aiko - Drunk Texting
number 1 rule of texting
mine texts texting the bae