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1k iphone texting 5k 2k 2500 dildo 1500 gabrielle 6 inches iphone 6 purpletangyvaginas when you're asking your friend about the iphone 6+ and she thinks you meant a 6 inch dildo goddess_vera 6 inch accidental sexting
love text texting women dating feminism
edits Ryan Reynolds photoshoots rreynoldsedit by klaida
me texting someone
me: hey its me, an inconvenience,
  • English:what? [I am asking a question]
  • English:What? [I am formally questioning something]
  • English:what [you're confusing me]
  • English:what?! [shock and confusion]
  • English:what?? [so confused!]
  • English:what???????? [SO VERY CONFUSED]
  • English:? [confused and/or impatient]
  • English:????? [confused, shocked, and starting to get angry]
  • ...
myart long post owari no seraph mikaela hyakuya seraph of the end mikayuu yuuchirou hyakuya finally got this done lmao also pls check out sharons awesome mikayuu art!!!!
tumblr2015 big in 2015
texting me is really like
When you catch your Emo Girlfriend texting “Rawrrrrr xD” to other niggas
funny weed texting kush stoned high times Stoners weed blog high af
  • Me texting:Funny, sarcasm on point, sounds chill.
  • Me in person:stutters, blushes, awkwardly has nothing to say.
  • aries:short and to the point
  • taurus:uses as little words as possible
  • gemini:no uppercase letter, sends a bunch of short messages at a time
  • cancer:uses proper grammar and spells things right, long messages
  • leo:texts how they talk
  • virgo:abbreviations to the max, either really long or really short messages
  • libra:texts you all their thoughts in a vague way
  • scorpio:asks a lot of questions, says weird and out of nowhere things
  • ...
number 1 rule of texting
submission i love it SU steven universe submission saturday s peridot s ruby s sapphire s steven s rupphire s garnet you gotta admit that's a fair point I can't stop picturing garnet with a phone in each hand texting herself someone please draw it leopold-xerovsky
me text texting u relate relatable starter pack
me mine anxiety autism bpd ASD ref bloop I don't know what to tag this right now but I want people to see it so please reblog this to get the word out thanks
texting phones BACK IN THE DAY
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