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  • Tumblr:i just want to wrap kylo ren in a blanket and tell him he's ok uwu
  • Me:He's a homicidal high ranking member of a facist movement with the personality of an edgy 17 year old beta male creep that raises more red flags than the Soviet Union
but lmfao @ luke’s lightsaber curving the fuck outta kylo ren. literally said bitch u thought as it passed him on its way to rey. best part 10/10.
my fave thing about rey is that a tiny droid she just met tells her ‘hey that dude stole my master dude’s jacket’ and she just fuckin wrecks him as if she’s not going to hijack an enormous ship like 5mins later
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kylo ren: *tries to read rey’s mind*rey’s mind: AAAAAAAAAHHHHkylo ren: what the fuck
lmao finn TFA big deal carmarie reads tfa screenplay
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“Stop calling Kylo Ren whiney, let men be emotional” Ok but there’s a difference between men allowing themselves to be vulnerable and a violent beta male edgelord who spends their free time playing Hatred
star wars tfa summary: a young stormtrooper called finn has an adventure, falls in love with literally like, every person he meets along the way
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kylo: TEL ME WHERE BB8 ISpoe ,about to die: 
poe proposing to finn like “I gave you a first name so I figured I should give you a last one too”
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Kylo: I will finish what you startedAnakin: 
  • poe:*wakes up finn at 3am* pretty fucked up that people assume bb-8 is a boy. they're a robot. finn? wake up finn. listen. they're sexless.
  • Kylo:what's the password
  • Hux:Kylo we don't have time-
  • Hux:*sighs* roses are red violets are blue darth vader is cool and kylo ren is too
  • *door opens*