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A friend and I used to watch [Sondheim’s] ‘Into the Woods’ every Friday night, as part of an abstinence program that we accidentally founded...
Tina Fey ^^ why I love you tfey
1k ~ saturday night live snl Tina Fey vanessa bayer mine: gif gif: snl tfey
1k * amy poehler Tina Fey ilu tina^ amy^ tfey apoehler
* YOUR FACE IN THE LAST ONE Tina Fey tina^ tfey sag13
Tina Fey i'm crying 30 rock jane krakowski 30rock tfey jkrakowski
* Tina Fey tina^ tfey azt* this is my fave one so far
* Tina Fey donald glover tfey dg^ dglover REALLY FRUSTRATED cause that bottom gif looks hooooorrible but it wouldn't look better with my limited set of skills ahhh well donald's love for tina though :'''') and their relationship is all thanks to poehler well mostly anyway ugh i love it
* Tina Fey LNWJF tina^ tfey lnjf^ teddy is such a good pet name in general though you could call any animal that really
amy poehler Tina Fey basically ^^ tfey apoehler this pic basically exploded on here gclooney
Tina Fey tina^ tfey azt* i really wanted one of the letters to be about food and i couldn't think of anything else for O the word 'obsessing' doesn't fit so greatly with some of the gifs but oh well i feel you tina though
* Tina Fey tina^ my ships tfey Jeff Richmond jrichmond jeff^ jefftina can we talk about them on ITAS though jeff was so hilarious and they're obviously so content with each other ugh i love it :')
Grey's Anatomy CALZONA callie torres arizona robbins ° callie*arizona °ga °torres °robbins °callie*arizona
Grey's Anatomy Meredith Grey ° me every day °ga °grey
* parks and recreation leslie knope ben wyatt GOOD LORD BUT LOOK AT THEM okay i'll stop *par *knope *leslie*ben *wyatt leslie*ben
* parks and recreation amy poehler adam scott rob lowe *par *Scott *poehler biggest idiot in the history of idiots = adam scott i seriously forgot rob lowe's name for a sec had to google it not ashamed actually
Grey's Anatomy CALZONA callie torres arizona robbins this scene ° THE KISS everything hurts the faces THE HANDS the COLORS I LOVE NOTHING callie*arizona °ga °torres °robbins °callie*arizona DON'T DON'T DON'T who would have thought they'd end up like this character assassination at its worst thanks for nothing shonda i love them so much and now it's all fucked up forever
gifs twitter Tina Fey done ° Ask Tina i'm done with you °fey also done with gifs