• that was painful •
Police Violence amerikkka stop racism stay woke black lives matter stop police brutality charles kinsey
harry potter mine hp thunderbird hpedit ilvermorny horned serpent wampus pukwudgie ibuzoo i really like this so i hope it gets notes
fact mississippi Animal Rescue Great Horned Owl why can't this be me Animals & Nature human animal bond doug pojeky wild at heart rescue owl hug
Personal drawin Overwatch owoc shes inspired by (and named after) my late grandmother who i loved a lot !! beep bep ! overwatch oc biid tw ps i forgot to mention but in being affiliated w overwatch i mean she is affiliated w/ the unofficial resurgence like she's friendly w winston tracer reinhardt etc but she was never a member of ow so don't get the wrong idea !! she just wants to redeem herself for her time spent in the ALF so thru granny magic she found out abt winston's recall and found him and expressed her allegiance and desire to help in any way that she can !!
fact technology Germany electricity renewable energy solar power wind turbine Animals & Nature Danke Schön SOCIETY & LAWS green nation
gilmore girls rory gilmore okay? okay. ggedit gilmoregirlsedit roryedit [oc] lesbian rory is basically canon tbh i mean sure she straight up says that paris isn't her type but that's only because she had to squash the hope she had to make sure paris (who was in a relationship!) didn't find out @pluck
gifs animation Walt Disney feminism stop motion Lotte Reiniger
My art Captain America Steve Rogers Marvel saynotohydracap it's mcu steve but the same applies steve rogers stands for the little guy
the comic book industry was built on the back of jewish creators, superhero comics were pioneered by jewish creators. everything we have today from superman to captain america, is down to the creativity of jewish artists and writers. and todays comics do nothing but spit on that legacy
smoke **gif **mine pvris lynn gunn gosh.......what a Song what a Lyric this song makes me blush...''i love the things we do when it's just made and you'' damn lynn ! anyway i forgot that the gif limit was still 2 mb so this is not me best work
hey since I just told a friend this and they found it helpful: if you’re having hallucinations and are having trouble distinguishing what’s real and what’s not, use your phone’s camera and take a picture of the thing you might be hallucinating. cameras don’t hallucinate...
* gifs interviews Sebastian Stan Ivy anthony mackie sebstanedit
Morrigan dragon age my arts Dragon Age Origins zevran arainai Tabris long post / sorry! riona tabris otp: rome was also built on ruins anyway i've actually wanted to do sth with this banter for like a zillion months now sorry about my handwriting i couldn't find font that worked
star wars Darth Vader sw edit swedit swdarthvader
My art comic weight body image Plus size artists on tumblr miad
“I’m married for 72 days, really? that was normal”
health protests hillary clinton poverty Bill Clinton Haiti cholera clinton foundation 2010 Haiti earthquake Haiti Reconstruction Commission Committee Against Dictatorship
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