• that was painful •
i just had a fucking coughing fit so horrible i coughed up a piece of pasta 
mad men elisabeth moss Christina Hendricks peggy olson mad men spoilers Joan Holloway Severance well THAT was painful
game of thrones season 5 is the equivalent of a shitty fic on ff.net with bad grammar & painfully OOC characters that has the summary “what would happen if sansa married ramsay instead of jeyne poole?? what if tyrion and dany met?? my personal rewrite of adwd!! don’t like, don’t read! i don’t ca...
Russell Tovey get it being human aidan turner Let's just gif the funny parts because the painful parts are too painful? I'm sorry about that second gif it's just not working how I want it to and the lighting was all over the place so colouring it is really bad which means the colouring of everything else had to be really bad ugh both of these men though Aidan pls
** SOBBING Dylan O'Brien this was painful to make
mine disney request bambi *gif t god that was painful to make emotionally and technically so many frames to cut down so many feelings to deal with
doctor who mine otp David Tennant Billie Piper Rose Tyler :( ten favorites Christopher Eccleston nine MY BABIES dwedit but i liked otp number one otp: no not to you idk i really enjoyed to do this was painful in some parts anyway thank god that my princess is alive and my era
gifs peter pan Hook Robin Williams kp kpfilm rip robin williams robinwilliamsedit gifs:hook i'm very sad about what happened robin made such great movies movies that i've grown up watching he was so talented it's painful to think he's gone
Fanart doodle DRAMAtical Murder DMMd virus (dmmd) cenpai's art why do i have followers sweats....... um his hair should be illegal wtf this is the first time ive drawn spiked up hair that was painful
** *d and yeah meh meh meh HALSEY halseyedit i rushed it a bit i know i just wanted to be somewhat productive bc i am in the middle of admittance exams i had to dye back my hair and that was painful af i am still in mourning over my wonderful colour
LOL mine lovely spencer hastings aria montgomery wow Ezria kind of? spoby sparia wow just wow HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH wow this was fucking painful wow my poor babies? the writers suck :))))) but spencer's situation is so different than aria's and i hope people get that
One Direction Zayn Malik MY EDIT list 1dedit zm this was so painful to make oh ymgods
1k m i just i can't NCIS ziva tiva Ziva David sorry about that but here you go lyricgif ncis edit this was inspired by another gifest to the same song but i cant find it anywhere so i cant link it some painful ziva for a painful day i can't believe it's been a whole fucking year
nipple piercings…. fuck that shit
draws dragon age da fenris garrett hawke FenHawke i don't actually own da so i'm watching playthrus on youtube and it's PAINFUL the sass is too real someone pointed out that i made fenris too pale and i was like naaaw but my screen was actually on dim and so i fixed it...
Daniel Radcliffe ootp Gary Oldman top hp gif1 dan hpgif hpthings danradedit it was fucking painful to gif i was actually crying??! oh god:(( and then to cut off scenes was also painful and i couldn't just slim the ootp scenes down to 4 because the transformation man i could slim it down to 5 but then uneven
! also the lyrics that were being sung as this was being shown like i mean why do these things happen how much will you guys judge me if i said i already have a head canon for them welp how painful is to ship a main character with AN EXTRA THAT WE WILL NEVER SEE AGAIN PROBABLY OH NO ravery
** mine The Hunger Games katniss everdeen Catching Fire rue thgedit cfedit THIS WAS SO PAINFUL OH MY GOD
once upon a time ouat* zelena rebecca mader stab me in the eye and set me on fire because that would be less painful i don't even know why i made this f UCK she wanted regina there to talk to her again god dammit but it was rumple ready to kill if only regina had gone to check up on her :(