• that was painful •
ace attorney dawn edits dai gyakuten saiban working with a black-themed character is painful also I'm astounded that the Mikotoba picture isn't actually perfectly rendered it was ripped from the website and all ahaha...
my shit destiel DEANCAS deancasedits deancasedit destiel edit cutest angel in the garrison otp: cursed or not words on deancas precious baby angel face I'm so sorry but this was the first thing that popped into my head I s2g see!!! they don't all have to be painful!!!!
twd the walking dead Rick Grimes Daryl Dixon maggie greene beth greene twdedit that was the most painful shit i have ever made and yep i'm still crying i wish i didn't love all those characters i would have def quit otherwise damn u show
1k gifs doctor who amy pond eleventh doctor spoilers Rory Williams the eleventh hour gifs:dw the power of three the angels take manhattan doctor and his ponds okay so everything officially sucks that was painful
my stuff dean winchester sam winchester castiel Team Free Will spnedit well this was slightly painful to do why did i do this idk man i needed to do something besides homework mkay yeah i need to do that now
1k gerard way e Gerard it was a long and painful process hesitant alien n:gerard remind me to never try changing the color of a thing ever again and i don't even like it that much now tbh
gif 1k * The Hunger Games thgedit this is too painful
* margot robbie The Wolf of Wall Street naomi lapaglia margotedit coloring this was painful
1k One Direction liam payne well thi s was painful
* gifs x factor fifth harmony ouch this was super painful to maKE
gifs edit The Wanted Nathan Sykes nath it was painful giffing this
gif Harry Styles One Direction Zayn Malik mine 1D TMH my dash was really painful tonight
gifs mine myedit ariana grande this was painful this took me 8 hours
*** mcfly danny jones tom fletcher dougie poynter harry judd favourite mcfly moments everything else was slightly painful for dougie but overall it was still funny c'mon also the fact that danny knows eXACTLY how tom's looks like ....
mine* SRedit Saints Row personal fave 800* and man minesr* boss: julian i just really wanted to put that quote on something because PIERCE MY BOY. HE UNDERSTANDS as you can see from the last one i finally went through with the kill killbane ending even though i knew i was just doing it for science i still almost chickened out at the last second lmao driving in the opposite direction of the 'save shaundi' marker was physically painful :'(
video games ah yes assassins creed 3 AC3 assassins creed III ACedit Connor Kenway eziosface acedits OH MY God tHIS WAS SO PAINFUL JSEUS NEVERENDING CHRIST for fuCK s sake im fucking content with this dont fight m e im in such a connor mood lately gi'VE US THE SEQUEKL im so angry i dont think i have anythingilese to tag that was irrelevant lmao ok
merthur merlinedit mmisc.gif 'because i love him' was written ALL over his face it was almost painful to watch
the vampire diaries tvd mygif Rebekah Claire Holt MYK Klebekah gif tvd klausxrebekah wow this was so painful she is so hurt and angry and also..productive? this is like elijah in s2 reminds me a lot of that at the same time...she's no puppy I mean she's tortured so many people over the years and she's hurt her brothers too she chose klaus over them she chose them over klaus she is not innocent