• thats really cool though •
i just found this photo and i am not ok thats really cool though
gif YouTube 1000 5000 Anna Kendrick 2000 youtubers pitch perfect flula Hello sir pitch perfect 2 Flula Borg i got far too excited about this its so cool though THATS FLULA and that mesh shirt though
  • me:*isn't religious*
  • me, being asked to say grace:*breathes deeply*
  • Blessed are they who stand before the corrupt and the wicked and do not falter. Blessed are the peacekeepers, the champions of the just. Blessed are the righteous, the lights in the shadow. In their blood the Maker's will is written.
So I got a text from a wrong number the other day and I decided to mess with them because I'm a terr...
I figured that they’d eventually text cancel, but they never didThen I decided to change things up a bitI don’t even know who this girl is, but she apparently thinks Cap’s birthday is koolI figured, why not add another Avenger to the mix?Then I said, what the heck, I’ll just ...
pokemon Team Rocket my art yo meowth thats right
atla REALLY COOL really really cool
:) 1k Harry Styles One Direction Zayn Malik otp Zarry myedits *g Haz dammit Zarry Stalik zain nipple action im kidding thats not a tag it really should be though
coms a h h this is such a fun design though lotta wings lotta me not knowing what a face looks like if i can get my shit together i might have a WHOLE BUNCH of stuff for tomorrow fingers crossed today i woke up and the first thing i did was bust open my hand on a broken christmas light cool cool cool cool cool cool alright im workin !!
draws levi snk erwin smith nile dok i don't know why i always draw people hatin on nile but i really feel it in my soul seriously though why do they make levi so cool in the anime he's so not cool old man who makes poop jokes
AWWWW look a cute little sun.  Does this mean tumblr has—- You dun good, Tumblr.  You dun good.
giveaway free socks garterbelt thigh highs sock dreams sockdreams thats four months guys
Larry Stylinson mine idek im sure this is a thing thats actually happened though
what if right before homestuck has a huge happy ending karkat drops dead because enough time has gone by that he would have run out of sweeps to live
help self harm self hate i hate myself perks of being a wallflower someone? perks of being a wallflower gif getting bad again
aw man i just realized that the sburb loading screen is ptolemy’s model of the universe 
coffee fish doodle if you dont like coffee or lists thats cool just skip this one
c: selfie bee I miss drawing dumbledore he must be drawn this week I was allowed to participate in the software test!! (even though I was not really in the course) this course was so stressful I ate more apples in that week then I did in the entire past year 3 apples I think it is the apple structure I can't really get along with they are so strong what have you been doing friends? <3 there is so much halloween on my dash it is so great halloween is not really celebrated in germany but it is SO COOL
He’s not a tame Lion, but He is good.