• the legend of zelda •
Avatar atla avatar the last airbender legend of korra lok the next avatar
land of propaganda banksys feed the hungry
harry potter american horror story film sherlock star wars the hobbit supernatural television The Hunger Games game of thrones The Dark Knight Rises The Avengers Mulan wonder woman the walking dead bad ass Maleficent Buffy the vampire Slayer female characters the legend of korra mass effect xena vikings gal gadot natalie dormer pacific rim Michonne Lady Sif attack on titan edge of tomorrow
american horror story Emma Roberts Madison do you love the color of the sky surprise bitch
ian mckellen crying patrick stewart the best bromance of all the bromance
* gpoy jonah hill The Wolf of Wall Street
police state police brutality Police Misconduct police racism police the police land of propaganda
my family usually eats bagged cereals (you know, the off brand kinds that taste like deceit) and today my mother came home with 15+ boxes of sugared name-brand cereal, dumped them into my arms, and said “i can’t eat lies anymore, caroline.” 
The Perks Of Being A Wallflower the fucking notes
cat racoon sink love the sink why this love of the sink
harry potter doctor who lord of the rings supernatural The Hunger Games x men game of thrones percy jackson The Avengers Merlin avatar the last airbender star trek the walking dead the mortal instruments Teen Wolf tfios dc comics vampire academy divergent Torch Wood
noel fielding richard ayoade jimmy carr big fat quiz of the year kristen schaal the big fat quiz of the year me1k me5k vicmisc me10k
zelda skyward sword link nintendo Super Mario the legend of zelda figma figma link zethofhyrule
Racism john legend ferguson ok post
faborite headline of the 21st century
doctor who matt smith MY EDIT David Tennant my stuff the day of the doctor
lord of the rings the hobbit New Zealand hobbiton
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