• the mortal instruments •
Reblog if your muse is mortal, beatable, imperfect. Reblog if your muse’s soul bears scars, from los...
* gifs* the mortal instruments simon lewis sh* tmiedit shadowhunters raphael santiago simonlewisedit shadowhuntersedit saphael raphaelsantiagoedit
  • Lydia:Woohoo I'm gonna marry a hot boy!
  • Alec:...
  • Lydia:...
  • Alec:...
  • Lydia:...
  • Alec:...same.
I never meant to ship them this hard, yet here we are
1k minee Harry Shum Jr the mortal instruments Lily Collins Kevin Zegers jamie campbell bower City of Bones Godfrey Gao Isaiah Mustafa jemima west tmiedit shadowhunters katherine mcnamara dominic sherwood shadowhuntersedit emeraude toubia alberto rosende matthew daddario shadowx tmix
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okay what in the actual FUCK this is so cool
mine tmi Harry Shum Jr the mortal instruments Jace Wayland clary fray alec lightwood magnus bane malec shadowhunters institute katherine mcnamara dominic sherwood kat mcnamara matthew daddario matt daddario this looks silly
LGBT pls reblog lgbtqa lgbt representation presidentgay nmimarks lgbt masterlist project like and share if you like!
tmi the mortal instruments Jace Wayland clary fray City of Bones Jace Herondale city of ashes shadowhunters katherine mcnamara dominic sherwood
Shadowhunters a.k.a.
Isabelle: How to slay and look fabulously badass while doing itClary: How to confront your best friend about his secret parkour lessonsAlec: How to babysit 3.5 Shadowhunters…and that mundaneMagnus: How to successfully spot (and flirt with) the pretty boy in a crowdSimon: How to get mundie-nap...
Reasons shadowhunters is great
More Poc than white people0 fake british accentsMalec gets as much air time as the straights™ (instead of them you know dissapearing on a trip for half a book)Izzy is sexy af and knows it and she just wants to have a good time0 slut shaming comments towards sexy izzy (v. different from the movie whe...
the mortal instruments City of Glass Jace Wayland Cassandra Clare alec lightwood magnus bane Jace Herondale jalec malec shadowhunters dominic sherwood matthew daddario
1k * gifs* 5k the mortal instruments Jace Wayland isabelle lightwood clary fray alec lightwood magnus bane simon lewis malec sh* tmiedit shadowhunters malecedit shadowhuntersedit
the mortal instruments alec lightwood shadowhunters shadowhuntersedit matthew daddario yes i went with a book quotes i don't care also matthew is the perfect alec i am so happy tvtropeseries
  • Magnus:Michelangelo was great in bed.
  • Magnus:I know because I slept with him.
  • Magnus:Because I'm attracted to men.
  • Magnus:'Cause I'm not straight.
  • Magnus:Like SUPER not straight!
  • Alec:.....
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If instruments were voices and voices were instruments. by C...
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