• the power of three •
Police Violence amerikkka stop racism stay woke black lives matter stop police brutality charles kinsey
Actual footage of Jaime Lannister returning to King’s Landing
legend of zelda Breath of the Wild
God my posts legend of zelda loz Breath of the Wild zelda breath of the wild
the comic book industry was built on the back of jewish creators, superhero comics were pioneered by jewish creators. everything we have today from superman to captain america, is down to the creativity of jewish artists and writers. and todays comics do nothing but spit on that legacy
fire this is so scary fort mcmurray please everyone stay safe idk if thats a trigger for some people
studio ghibli whisper of the heart studioghibligif Mine: Whisper of the Heart
my gif 1000 new york times power puff girls usa today
quote History Chernobyl nuclear anon request 1986 today in history this day in history on this day in history russian history 30th anniversary Chernobyl disaster gorbachev nuclear energy Mikhail gorbachev 30 years ago ukrainian history history of ukraine nuclear station
Darksouls dark sun gwyndolin darksouls3
photoset funny mine meme humor shitpost bill wurtz History of Japan the history of japan history of japan meme japan meme meme dump the memeries
poetry poem margaret atwood
Beyoncé's 'Lemonade' featured  amazing cameos.
Duo Chloe x Halle Bailey, Lisa-Kaindé Diaz and Naomi Diaz,  Amandla Stenberg,  Zendaya Serena WilliamsQuvenzhané WallisModel Winnie Harlow Ballerina Michaela DePrinceJay ZLeah ChaseMiss TinaHattie WhiteMothers who lost sons to police brutalityWarsan ShireSourceThis is exactly what we call #Bla...
uk scenery History landscapes medieval welsh Wales castles ruins denbighshire castell dinas bran langollen
Nicki Minaj music rap feminism news black culture nicki equal pay Black Excellence identities
hamilton lin manuel miranda time 100 lmmedit hamilton gifs
hormones planned parenthood hrt trans health queertips
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