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[Fanaccount] Earlier today, some fans saw Kris, Luhan and Sehun exiting a strip club in Gangnam. Tog...
cr: EXO???? 
game of thrones ' what a shitty promo esp not sure why sandor is in there but not margaery but atleast there's sansa and cat
game of thrones gotedit mine: caps asoiafedit
Tag this post with the Pokemon you’d be most willing to break the law for in Pokemon Go.
Bonus points for how and why
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Rebel Wilson & The Pitch Perfect Cast | MTV Movie Awards...
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gif 1k myedits game of thrones got gotedit not tagging everyone because wow too many
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** arrow the climb oliver queen arrowedit felicity smoak olicity arrow spoilers dylanslilnugget stydiaunderthemistletoe im so sad fuck me ok im done now
miley cyrus the climb
arrow the climb ra's al ghul oliver queen arrow spoilers team arrow arrow season 3 at least he got to say his final goodbye
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If you don’t think one of the sexiest things about John Watson is the fact that’s he’s got a bit of a tum and love handles, but still exudes the raw sexuality and confidence of six foot tall pole dancer well, you and I are going to need to have a little heart to heart. 
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