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mine Firefly Malcolm Reynolds Simon Tam 1k* fireflyedit Firefly* fsedits firefly rewatch AND FAMILY MEANS NOBODY GETS LEFT BEHIND the crew is family simon oops missed that apostrophe in gif 3 shhh i fixed it
Firefly Serenity Simon Tam personal fave Gena makes stuff Gena's gifs fireflyedit fsedits This coloring isn't even exaggerating. Simon really is in that much shadow. You can barely see his face. Poor Sean. Standing in the dark. This concept though. I'm sure one could argue the 'he's not connected to them' bit but I think of it in terms of 'Serenity' and how strained Simon's relationship is with the crew and his ongoing struggle to allow himself to be part of this family (out of fear in my opinion of this very thing they're discussing) and how twenty minutes before he made the decision to leave this group. In /that/ sense he isn't connected to them. He hasn't yet allowed himself to be. And it's cool to mark Simon as the outsider in this moment; as the odd one out through lighting. It makes me happy.
my edits my stuff bones simon pegg star trek zoe saldana anton yelchin spock zachary quinto chris pine montgomery scott scotty leonard mccoy karl urban John cho reboot James T. Kirk Pavel Chekov Nyota Uhura Hikaru Sulu AOS i mean a full family photo would include the whole crew and the enterprise herself but this is pretty close too i wish they took more photos together like this i wish they took another photo like this for into darkness with carol i wish for many things;
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“Niall? Zayn Malik? Niall. Simon Cowell! Louis Walsh! THAT IS ZAYN! RIGHT...
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Fanart the mortal instruments simon lewis sibling love the city of lost souls Rebecca (Becky) Lewis I lost it at this part of the book simon had been struggling back in forth between his mundane and downworlder life that he needed to finally be at ease with his family
Firefly Sean Maher my gifset Simon Tam gifset:firefly sassy!simon is my favourite simon of all the simons tam siblings
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i see a lot of fic/headcanons where fake ah crew geoff sort of opens his penthouse to the crew like, sure, stay here if you want, we’re all family, mi casa es su casabut i also just immensely love the idea of, instead of that, the crew just relentlessly integrates themselves into his life whether he...
gif 1k m mg in the flesh kieren walker itfedit simon monroe simon x kieren this show is the worst to color siriously
Firefly Malcolm Reynolds Simon Tam Gena makes stuff Gena's gifs fireflyedit fsedits Gabriel Tam isn't really worth tagging. 'Why are we still talking 'bout this?' Because Simon's father told him nobody would come for him. Because his parents just dropped him and River. And I bet after a moment he wasn't even surprised Serenity took off. 'You end up here or get mixed up in something worse: you're on your own. I will not come for you.' Why should Mal come for him? (Isn't he just another father figure in his life? And look what his actual father had said?) But Mal comes. And Simon can't believe it. There has to be a reason. An ulterior motive somewhere. There isn't. And can you imagine how that must feel for Simon? I get emotional about Simon and people abandoning him. Wait until Mal lets the Tam siblings leave and what I think Simon thinks about /that/ (Sorry I didn't include 'Why're we still talking 'bout this?' My computer wonked out and I gave up.) (I just used the frames I had)
my gifs cute my posts gurren lagann nia teppelin Simon The Digger simon x nia love is beautiful i'm watching it again and I forgot this scene
mystuff star trek *1k star trek into darkness *10k trekedit mine:stxii ok here me out before you roll your eyes at the overused quote this is an important part of the narrative because this is what causes pike to be killed etc. basically this is the reason why stid happened and yet we forget this little family and the man who sacrificed all just so that his family can life uhh hello parallels anyone? also besides narrative import you know it was a guy we saw on screen who died like ok cool sometimes we're in a frenzy about the bridge crew and we forget that the rest of humanity exists outside of them ok i'm done sorry for clogging your dashes
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