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  • Hunger Games:waiting for more pictures to come out
  • Divergent:movie casting influx
  • The Host:13 days to go until the movie
  • Maze Runner:movie cast is starting to be announced
  • Vampire Academy:the actors are starting to train already
  • Delirium:production is going on
  • Mortal Instruments:waiting for the new theatrical trailer and photos
  • Infernal Devices:3 more days to go until Clockwork Princess
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  • Harry Potter:Children, stop swishing your pencils around, and pay attention.
  • The Mortal Instruments:Your mothers will NOT be happy if you she sees all this mess on your arms!
  • The Hunger Games:Stop trying to kill each other, honestly.
  • Percy Jackson:I know you can read the assignment. Stop pretending you can't.
  • Divergent:For God's sake, get off the roof!
  • Twilight:When we bleed, we go to the nurse. Drinking the blood will make us sick, understand?
  • The Maze Runner:Wicked is a bad word!
  • Gossip Girl:Gossiping is unkind, and is also against school rules.
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