• the music video sounds in the background though •
Can We Dance
The Vamps 
The Vamps | Can We Dance
gif 90s jay z 90sinmotion my reaction to great fucking news the other nigga in the background just doing some other shit do it again music video
This record sounds really good!
Scenes without background music: “Jim Moriarty…h...
homestuck upd8 it speaks everyones dead finally *another one bites the dust played with kazoos sounds in the background*
In this video Im melting and blending crayons, I hope this s...
mine [5] guns cw The 100 the100edit octaviablakeedit bellamyblakeedit the 100 spoilers fog of war literally play this scene at my funeral [muffled christmas music in the background]
Mine: lotr legolas Thranduil i fail at life thehobbitedit hobbitedit leepaceedit obloomedit ignore the sounds of me slapping myself in the face in the background
* ~ ! (queue) logan henderson big time rush kendall schmidt james maslow carlos pena tv: big time rush i think this was the part that really pulled me in and made me come back i find this type of stuff - where they're aware they're in a music video suddenly and it doesn't gel with reality - hilarious kendall in the first and logan in the last one though lol
i need to take a 3 year break today was just 
gif 1k myedit goodnight special Key onew shinee kim kibum jonghyun taemin lee jinki lee taemin kim jonghyun minho choi minho 2k jinki kibum 3k but here we are i genuinely died in part making this it was so ha rd and its kinda weird quality also while making it i sat through LITERALLY EVERY MUSIC VIDEO THEY EVER MADE and yes i know its the japanese replay but i needed a light background i havent seen ring ding dong in months and its so cheesy bu t its so cool i feel weird about this one bu t its 8am and i havent slept yet shinee set
What the Markiplier fandom probably looks like to outsiders:
1k * My art this has been in my drafts too long 5sos 5 seconds of summer Calum Hood 5sos fanart mukenope sheskindahot sounds good feels good i don't draw dogs often so this was something new for me and was actually fun to do lolol calum's face in that photo made me want to draw this pls but they weren't in the music video???? typical day for calum the 5sos official blog reblogged this I AM IN TEARS I'm so happy they saw it because I worked so hard on this haha
WATCH: We humans aren’t the only ones who like to da...
Earth’s Mightiest Heroes? What a bunch of a-holes!
Jellyfish Song vs. Dye Music
Side-by-side comparison of the Jellyfish Song and Dye Music from the anime. This...
music hipster indie wallpaper Band background iphone background the neighbourhood iphone 5 Neighbourhood iphone 5 wallpaper iPhone Wallpaper iphone 5 background
a concept: me, playing video games in a maid outfit and thigh highs
You know, if you were going to start a war in the Avatar world, you would probably have the best cha...
Or not. This guy looks like he ate the last person who tried to upset the balance.