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Ludwig Goransson  Community (Music from the Original Television Series)
Community Medley - Ludwig GoranssonCommunity (Music from the Original Television...
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northern lights aurora borealis [C] e* ahhh can't believe I'm actually starting this misc. series!! and using photoshop again!! how do you original posts!! but this was super fun because WOW AESTHETICALLY AND SCIENTIFICALLY PLEASING MUCH. auroras
Levantar da cama é perigoso hoje em dia, mas precisamos viver.
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Sherlock’s executive producer Steven Moffat has promised fans that the climax to the glossy detective drama’s third series will leave them “just as frustrated as ever they were.” S...
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Series 3, What Could It Be?
RAT Pastiche, The Giant Rat of Sumatra. We know that The Empty House will be the first episode, but they always conflate numerous stories into one. Curly is silently hoping for Rattigan. Could also relate to Boscombe. WEDDING Fairly obviously this’ll be The Sign of Four with Mary Morstan (WHO IS AWE...