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gif thomas otp otp otp newt the maze runner tmr tmredit newmas mazerun dailygladers
supernatural mystuff spn sam and dean wincest otp otp otp myspn mySPNgif spnedit mooseleys youngsamnet spns10net ewjared
mine: gifs elementary Joan Watson elementasquee joanlock otp: i am better with you elementaryedit otp: good to you these stupid idiots SHERLOCKKKK otp: the one you love most in the world otp: I have faith otp: how well he knows you otp: I consider you to be exceptional otp: the only one who knows you otp: not ever brotp: you already know I favour you
my gifs otp lea seydoux my OTP abdellatif kechiche Adele Exarchopoulos blue is the warmest color
You guys don’t understand I have: “for shits ‘n’ giggles” ships then ships then OTPs then OTPs among OTPs then THE OTP
Going through old posts last night and came upon this picture. It struck me. Louis’ arm is definitely looped through Harry’s. It wasn’t meant to be seen. It wasn’t playing it up for the cameras. It’s quiet and profound in it’s subtlety. These kinds of moments are ...
gif 1k doctor who amy pond mine ten otp: the stuff of legend otp: gotcha
when your otp is in an intense argument and their faces get closer together but then they stop talking  and they look at the others’ lips
homestuck otp vriska tavros Vriska x Tavros tavriska best otp dear otp love you otp otpotpotptpot seriously best update i'm crying dear dear otp
I WANT TO DO A COuple cosplay rly bad and kiss and stuff i wanna feel the otp within me
the only otp question
who comes too fast they first time they do it together
Send me an OTP and I tell you...
Who made the first move;  Who said ‘I love you’ first;  How often they fight;  Whose big spoon/little spoon;  What their nicknames are for each other;  Whose the better cook;  Their song;  Who remembers their anniversaries;  Their favorite thing to do together (besides sex);  Who ‘wears the pants’ i...
Normal When OTP looks at each otherWhen OTP fonds at each other
Weird AU Prompts
- “Yeah, your mirror is a doorway into my dimension and I’ve seen everything. Even that dance party for one” au- “Sure, I’m an alien but I don’t know why you’d think I’d abduct people. But there’s a great eatery across the galaxy if you want to check it out” a...
doctor who mine doctor x rose dwedit otp: better with two otp: together otp: if you want gifs: 1k dredits rtdedit gifs by ro made by ro otp: the mysterious couple
1k how i met your mother himym barney stinson neil patrick harris *mine gif [2] swarkles this ship man otp: she's awesome / he's awesome otp: you suited up otp: the robin otp: i could not stop loving her anymore than i could stop breathing
bb direction otp: the fox and the hound
** Swan Queen once upon a time ouat otp: i believe in her so OTP it hurts reginamillsedit swanqueenedit emmaswanedit otp: our best chance is together sq* sqgifset otp: my gift to you otp: i can give you a happy ending
My OTP: Barack Obama and the Oval Office.