• the pre sequel •
* i don't want the sequel i don't need the sequel NO ONE NEEDS THE SEQUEL REALLY my favorite superhero flick from this year tbh film: the amazing spider man
Personal someone relatable copy sequel intimidated
lady gaga BTWball shade rtbgif sequel of the last photoset
brady bunch The Brady Bunch a very brady sequel
tins art
Gary Ross Leaves 'The Hunger Games' Franchise, Won't Direct 'Catching Fire' Sequel
While this morning it was reported that Lionsgate and Fox worked out their scheduling issues to allow Jennifer Lawrence to shoot “Catching Fire” and the “X-Men: First Class” sequel essentially back-to-back, it looks like before cameras can start rolling on “The Hunger G...
ok here are the options
justin timberlake can either make more music or become a full-time snl castmember
The Alphabet of Homestuck
Things I want Joss Whedon to realize in the Avengers sequel:
More than 12 minutes and 44 seconds of Hawkeye, The thing I just mentioned in point 1.
* gifs fave Jmovie Rurouni Kenshin takei emi sato takeru ruroken can't wait for the sequel
“My name is Mitt Romney. I am a racist, I despise women, and gays, I hate the Democratic party, and I’m not entirely sure why the windows on planes don’t roll down, do you want to be my friend?”
homestuck Dave Strider bro strider mspa scarvenrot strider comics sequel comic soon all these are a kind of hat tip to sarah she is pretty rad -kisses her cheek-
Okay, so Kristen Stewart cheats on her boyfriend, who she is not married to, not engaged to, has no real legal bond to, and her career suffers. This is not the first movie she has ...
1k new percy jackson pjo Grover Underwood pjoedit percy*jackson move* but i liked it sea+of+monsters i know it's not the right sequel
Christmas snow winter reindeer santa snowman ?? oh man how do i tag this the thrilling sequel
my gif Rapunzel Eugene Fitzherbert pitch The Big Four merida hiccup astrid jack frost rise of the brave tangled dragons gifseries: the big four ffffff I hope that one of Punzie's mom looks sufficiently like Punzie herself dkjghksdj anyways yeah been wanting to so a sequel to that gifset
the hobbit draco malfoy a very potter sequel avps legolas Lucius Malfoy Thranduil I can't be the only one Desolation of Smaug right????
mygifs The Avengers Natasha Romanoff black widow let's just take all the females and give them to joss whedon if joss doesn't do the sequel i will fliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip
infinite shaq bioshock Bioshock Infinite bioshaq