• the quality still came out bad oh man •
1k jb *gifs Jackson youngjae jr Mark bambam got7 yugyeom g(ot7) i spent the whole day on this but the quality still came out bad oh man im done with photoshop tho bc it keeps dying so pls ignore how bad this is lol
Teen Wolf I made a thing stiles stilinski peter hale Scott McCall allison argent lydia martin it's a mystery alan deaton also i have no idea why the image quality came out so bad????
my gif 5k bad girls club bgc bgc12 Loren Jordan gif came out ugly oh well her faces are the best
Taylor Swift killed me within 15 seconds. THAT MAN CAME OUT ...
1k * Captain America Steve Rogers bucky barnes ant man stucky minemarvel ant man spoilers howlingsoldier antmanedit CAP 3 SPOILERS brockrumlow grootmorning the quality to the hd rip is still so bad lmao im so sorry
Aang A:TLA atla Avatar: the last airbender legend of korra lok tlok avatar state honestly atla is easier to edit i like how it came out tho cept i wish the quality was better oh well
** Jensen Ackles Jared Padalecki vegascon oh man this is the best cause it's right after jensen defends him and jared just sits there with is head down for a bit then he just looks up and looks at jensen for the longest ugh god that was so fucking awkward and jensen just came out and defended his man bye everyone life's been good
my gifs Raphael donatello sorry for the bad quality long post tmnt 2012 this came right from the streaming Red and Purple
photoset One Direction Zayn Malik Niall Horan edit candids oh well this didn't turn out how i wanted cause they're such bad quality :(
* jennifer lawrence jlawedit oh wells baby munchkin i love you the one gif i loved turned out bad how is it you're still beautiful when doing this
the wonder years local man ruins everything suburbia i've given you all and now i'm nothing came out swinging
i tried assassin's creed ezio auditore **mine mario auditore acedits oh man the coloring in this photoset is so bad i tried to make it less green and it turned out colorless lmao
mine gifs* cs graphic ouatedit emmaswanedit hookedit this took me forever and i still hate it oh my godddd anyway ya so i skipped red bc every single red one i made came out gross fml
mine League of Legends league gifs so bad quality the floor is brown
spoilers mine supernatural Leviathans Dick Roman but ya leviathan here it is unfortunately 7x23 to the person who wanted the dick gif... here it is.. kinda came out really creepy and I have no idea what tumblr is going to do with the quality came out much creepier than I intended
One Direction Zayn Malik teen vogue graphics [1] thank u and why oh god yes thank u oh god remember when that pic came out i still don't fucking understand where did it come from
funny gifs add OKAY THIS WAS THE BEST ADD EVER IDK reblog itok the quality was so BAD but oh well
* 1x02 The X Files xf rewatch mulder\scully wow this actually came out in decent quality i'm surprised?
mine Red vs Blue best ever rvb RoosterTeeth caboose rvb1 agent washington michael j caboose rvbthings if you dont think caboose is perfect then im not sure that we can be friends we might be able to work it out with lots of cookies and pie and tv marathons but it will be a struggle man cause caboose is caboose and DEAR LORD GOD i forgot how bad the quality was and this wasnt even it at its worse like man i miss 1080p quality cause man im a whore for quality