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this theme is basically for people who need to get away from people but feel free to do whatever with it. no follow buttons, no anything, no one can view your blog unless they see your posts on their dash in real time or on mobile. code | version with no gif backgroundit looks like this:the tab on c...
Find the perfect theme
Finding a good new theme can be hecka hard so here’s a thing to make it easier  HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE are a bunch of easy, clean themes HERE and HERE are whole networks of theme makers you can look through HERE is a blog that makes themes and has a bunch of helpful tips and tutorials and h...
Attack On Titan theme 8-bit remix
Essa sensação de ter sido esquecido, é o que mata.
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 other masterposts here in-depth tutorials: howtomakeasimpletheme tumblrtutoriial ettudis 1stwebdesigner codecademy official tumblr guide video tutorials base codes (credit not required): stripped-down redux code hey look here’s a base code and another one woa cool c o o l rlly nice example th...
The list of themes that I have derp
+marauders maps themes ? VILLIANZ ? ??????! ? ?RadiantGardens. ?[mogimochi]? Aerou ? Atonals BAMDESIGN bonfires of trust c o c o r i n i ? Ciaosmos Cindie; destroyer DISTRICT 3 don’t use your heart, it only makes you slow e v a e o n Ettudis [v20] My Love every now and then the stars align FAL...
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Theme song (Supernatural)
Supernatural  Supernatural
The theme song of Supernatural in Changing Channels (5x08). 
mine claire's theme
disney disneyland disney world princess cinderella Disney Princess disney princesses Theme Park walt disney world WDW Face Character face characters disney parks princess Cinderella theme parks disney face characters disney park disney face character disney theme parks Cinderella Characters Disney Theme Park
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Skins Theme Tune - Fat Segal
Skins Soundtrack  Skins OST
Skins Theme Tune… Love it
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