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Micheal Cera is actually playing the same character in every movie: a multiverse traveler trapped in interdimensional warp.Every so often he wakes up in a new bed. People act as if they know him. He puts together from his surroundings who he is supposed to be, always acting cautious.A dilemma presen...
100th Anniversary of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity
One hundred years ago this month, Albert Einstein published his theory of general relativity (GR), one of the most important scientific achievements in the last century.A key result of Einstein’s theory is that matter warps space-time, and thus a massive object can cause an observable bending of lig...
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Spoon Theory & “Appropriation”
So since Tumblr decided to drop this the first time that I posted it, here’s a briefer version of this:I’ve been seeing it go ‘round the internets that ‘using the spoon theory when you are not disabled is appropriation.’Lemme be the first person to say that a) that is not a universally-held view in ...
can you tell who is control with garnet?
sometime, i notice that garnet acts more like ruby or more like sapphire.like in love letterswhen garnet says NO YOU DON”T to jamie, her visor is more red, she say this pretty sternly. but when she gives her little speech about how jamie is a good actor, her tone is calmer, kinder. Her viser also ch...
I have never been able to understand people with consistent lives – people who, for example, grow up in a liberal Catholic household a...
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So we now know the gem placements of Yellow, Blue and White DiamondI surmise that these placements are also how the Homeworld Insignia is made, pay attention to where the diamonds are placedAt the top is White, White Diamond’s gem is on her forehead.Bellow White at equal height is Yellow and Blue, Y...
Very serious fallout theory
The reason Fallout 4 features cats although they were previously stated to be extinct is because between the events of Fallout New Vegas and Fallout 4 a vault was found and opened which contained hundreds of cats and one very old lady.
Hang on a second..Here’s the crest for The Great Diamond AuthorityBlue and Yellow diamond have their gems on their chests because they’re in the middle of the crest. Likewise, White Diamond’s gem is on her forehead because she’s on top. Buuuut, another thing..The Pearls’ diamonds seem to align with ...
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How Lord English’s Defeat Was Achieved
Whilst talking to a friend I was suddenly struck by a realization that I think explains the precise nature of how Lord English was defeated. I’ve already spoken a little about how the destruction of the Green Sun should not have depleted his Clockwork Majyyks, and therefore shouldn’t have made him a...
B.o.B - Flatline - feat. Neil Tyson
bruhhhhh…B.o.B dropped a fucking track defending his earth is flat theory..
We have won the battle
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