• there wasn't enough Newt in the trailer •
gifs mine Dylan O'Brien newt the maze runner Thomas Sangster james dashner there wasn't enough Newt in the trailer
dragon age Dragon Age 3 daedits dragon age inquisition da:mine here's the other two! there wasn't enough for each to have their own set :/ sorry
1k mystuff newt the maze runner Thomas Sangster tmr tmredit mine: tmr BUT NEWT the shes the last one ever wasnt in the trailer though? it was from that 5 second clip that was released a few days ago
The man who thought he wasn't capable of love fell in love with the girl who thought she wasn't enou...
gif* Dylan O'Brien 3k the maze runner Thomas Sangster tmr i need this movie tmredit just trying something new ! don't look if the colors layers look good but i need practice! OK BUT I'M NOT OVER THIS TRAILER EVERYTHING LOOKS BEYOND PERFECT it seems like there will be so many surprises for book readers waiting 6 months is just pure torture i really hope we'll hear Newt saying Tommy or i'll be mad i need this in my life ok i need Minho's sass i need these three babies on a giant screen tmr**
my gifs ** ... BBC Merlin I know merlinedit merlin* 513 legend arising a kingdom found this isn't goodbye (this is what I started tag-wailing about earlier) just that they both had SOMETHING MORE they couldn't find the words to say but after everything they didn't need to because there would never be words strong enough or deep enough or powerful enough to encompass all they meant to each other and they both realized that when they looked at each other for the last time (/flings self into abyss) edit: I know that wasn't the very last thing Merlin said this wasn't intended to be a last words sort of gifset - just wanted to put these two moments in particular next to each other ('in sibbe gerest' was absolutely everything Merlin could have said in the end) (and possibly meant something even impossibly greater than Arthur's name) (/flings abyss into black hole)
photoset she's the man amanda bynes channing tatum laura ramsey the best movie this started as a photoset for one scene and turned into an obnoxiously long one for the tagline but it's such a good tagline though i had to combine the dvd cover one and the one in the trailer because i thought the jealousy part at the end wasn't explained well either is the brother part because they should've mentioned that her brother is the real sebastian also justin should've been in there somewhere but WHATEVER all i know is that olivia/viola should've been endgame imo also laura ramsey's FACE
doctor who doctor who spoilers Into the Dalek Moon's gifs The Doctor made a sassy Dalek hate wasn't all it saw in there
mine thomas newt the maze runner tmr tmrnewt tmrthomas newtmas are you still glad you have me in the fandom
One Direction * ** niam I'M LIAM and l*uis and zayn bc the pic wasn't hq enough
gif Harry Styles Jesus good god myset tmht you know why i made that first gif you knoooow the second one isn't bad either that stare and the breathing through open mouth this is the most random set but there wasn't enough footage to make more gifs really so whatareyougonnado
doctor who eleventh doctor matt smith Alex Kingston river song dwedit the doctor and river aflawedfashiongif affdw I'm making two of these there wasn't enough angst on my dash i needed to supply it i appologize in advance for the second one as well
1k pretty little liars edits spencer hastings troian Bellisario pllgif plledit idk what the point of this set is i just LOVE HER so sad there wasn't enough room for her 'i don't think that was a love dunk' quote seriously i made like 20 gifs for this because i love all of her quotes and stuff so much maybe i'll post the rest another day
my edits my gifs doctor who matt smith Eleven dw spoilers jenna louise coleman dw* clara oswin oswin oswald I CANNOT WAIT this is legit the only reason i wasn't a complete and total mess after the episode bc of this ten second trailer jenna i believe in you YOU WILL BE GREAT THE DOCTOR CHOOSES HIS COMPANIONS WITH GREAT CARE
1k Frodo boromir lotredit *mygifs tolkienedit b o r o m i r whhy the fuck is there a flicker in the top right that wasn't there before wtf
The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in us.
* mine bts starkid lauren lopez brian holden Team Starkid avps wow notes i wasn't strong enough to save queue from the evil stuff mine:sparkles mine:sass plus joey and his sexy beanie :*
pacific rim newt geiszler newton geiszler THIS IS RLY MAKIN ME SMILE THANK U GUILLERMO
Mine: lotr lotredit i fail at life hobbitedit the battle of the five armies bofa trailer i wasn't gonna gif this but i'm weak