• there wasn't enough Newt in the trailer •
drawing smoke i love you cancer always feels john green the fault in our stars fishingboatproceeds tfios augustus waters hazel grace Okay. shailene woodley cigarrete Okay? isaac okay? okay. tfios movie connorfranta ansel elgort methaphor its a metaphor some infinities are bigger than other infinities fav book TFIOS book tfios trailer one sick love story natt wolf infinitie
It’s here! It’s here! The full #tfios trailer in...
Do u ever not realize how starved for affection u are till someone hugs u a bit tighter than normal and you find that you really don’t want to let go
gif 1k * Love Actually 5k 10k 50k newt the maze runner Thomas Sangster 100k Thomas Brodie-Sangster
US National Anthem in minor key.  Can this be the trailer mu...
1k gifs x men Hugh Jackman Logan Marie 2006 patrick stewart Anna Paquin ororo munroe charles ororo halle berry marveledit x men the last stand xmenedit don't you dare tell me that this film wasn't good in terms of storm's character development far better than the first two in my opinion love this scene so much! she is such a bamf
there has been another mass kidnapping in mexico please please signal boost this and pray for the 30...
love death child fire family children Hero
Coraline Dragoncon this is the most notes ive gotten on anything ever
‘once you’ve hit rock bottom the only place to go is up!! :)’You underestimate me. I’ve brought my pickaxe and I’m ready to dig.
gif animals
1k Rihanna edit 5k 10k 20k tip 50k robyn edit home: the movie this is gonna be a cute movie
bw proud gus john green the fault in our stars Hank Green nerdfighters tfios trailer question tuesday grace agustus waters hazel hazel grace moviegifs between Hazel and Augustus megif moviesgifs dave green hazel x gus tfios trailer bookmoviesgifs sharpy face tfios questions hazel grace lestrage john green and hazel hazel x john grene gif selt
yo I’m all about supporting girls wearing whatever the fuck they want and booty shorts are a-ok in my book but I also think it’s important to realize that this is also one of the only clothing options given to young girls when it comes to summer wear. if you’re shopping in clothing stores or section...
wow i’m a teenager trying to figure out this horrifying dystopian world with minimal resources and constant terror while frequently fighting just to stay alive you know what i really have time for a love triangle
Make-up creepy women NOOOOOO this morning male gaze the Metro the media missed opportunity it's a shame such a shame I watched a girl Always a good start Because the train isn't just for going to work is it? It's for staring at strangers Once she'd finished I found her less attractive I was so angry I almost stopped playing with myself Embrace your natural beauty For Damian False looks I mean she couldn't have been putting on the make-up because she...oh I don't know...wanted to? And that it might have...brace yourself...had fuck all to do with being attractive to anyone? She didn't even think to ask That's the real tragedy here Damian was right there goddammit Bit of mascara Felt strongly enough about this to write in To a newspaper Expressing his disapproval at a total stranger in the train putting on makeup
LGBT whitewash stonewall
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