• there wasn't enough Newt in the trailer •
~ kristen stewart is it really arghhh the right sound though? lol
When everything you studied is not in the test.
* tv: sherlock gifs: sherlock look me in the eye and tell me that this moment wasn't adorable
sherlock sherlock holmes bbc sherlock mycroft holmes Mycroft: There are other moves than Hadouken you know. Sherlock: Why bother learning other movies; this schools you efficiently enough. They are so badass they don't even have to look at the screen Conefree
supernatural Misha Collins Mark Sheppard jim beaver samantha ferris julie mcniven cast: spn a: misha collins a: mark sheppard a: samantha ferris a: julie mcniven mc: int
mike chang jenna ushkowitz Tike tina cohen chang asian fusion OH LOOK I FINALLY MANAGED TO PULL MYSELF TOGETHER ENOUGH TO GIF also i will not be getting into the mike's asshole moment in this episode that's what it was he's human and while he wasn't wrong he as he so often does articulated the point he tried to make in a completely wrong way it's not a crime to disagree with your girlfriend but he should have waited til she wasnt so upset what this all comes down to though is that they needed a reason for tina to be angry and distracted so she could fall into the fountain. ... mike was writte slightly ooc in this episode to be a plot device and i'm taking it for what it is and not getting upset over it and just ... enjoying the moments we did get without over thinking them and that's all i'm going to say about it
my edits Deadpool Ryan Reynolds Wade Wilson Clint Barton Hawkeye Jeremy Renner just throwing a little bit of comic canon in there for those who care and i know Clint isn't stupid enough to jump down a shaft with no gear but this way is funnier the adventures of hawkass and deadpool
harry potter * i don't think they spent enough time in the hospital wing
gif Marilyn Manson mm i wasn't born with enough middle fingers irresponsable hate anthem i luv him <3 mademeinsane
martin freeman ... The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy you know what I mean just sayin' 4 months.. oh younger and naiver MF there-there I nearly broke out into tears when he said he originally thought he wasn't the right person cast to play Dent Simon Jones is my Arthur Dent and he probably always will be but baby hush now martin freeman: the 'you know' king
gif Zayn Malik sobs the video wasn't hq
* game of thrones got ooo gurl what is this i just liked that whole ~prophecy bit for all we know the queen is myrcella who i almost did put on here but this was enough work for today SANSA FOR QUEEN IN THE NORTH ok thank you GOODBYE a song of tears and fire
sherlock martin freeman edit sherlock holmes Benedict Cumberbatch john watson a scandal in belgravia my bbs yes I have bbs that are older than I don't pretend you don't jsyk the camera wasn't focused on them hence the mediocre quality
Dear White People (movie trailer) DEAR WHITE PEOPLEA satir...
Emma Watson The Perks Of Being A Wallflower then the boys laughed at her cause she described herself as random and she's only like the richest young adult ever the question wasn't exactly that either but I can't remember
Harry Styles One Direction twitter sweet lord jesus I knew it was coming but I wasn't pepared enough
chris colfer sbl struck by lightning tribeca
New The Dark Knight Rises trailer! New The Dark Knight Rises...
John Egbert Homestuck edits i just really love the wise guy slimesuit joan egbert rule63 spats are still awesome. fite me well...wiseGAL slimesuit now