• theres no way these things are real •
gifs not mine Penguin penguin gif funny penguin theres no way these things are real
photoshop snk attack on titan eren jaeger EreRi Levi Rivaille really not happy with this but theres no way to go back and fix things soo
these are real things you can buy they better start taking custom orders soon
if i answer an ask meme and you want to turn it into a thread, you reblog it and turn it into a thread if you tag me in any chat/para starters i will save it to my drafts and reply to it when i have muse if i post an open chat/para rp you are more than welcome to reply to it im not fuckin scary yo ...
Can we take a second to look at Kurt’s face in this gif? I don’t even know what to say here. I don’t even know how to add meta here. His face. His fucking face.  Bye.
1k lord of the rings the hobbit *gifs *fotr lotredit Rivendell things I've edited Lothlorien *auj hobbitedit mirkwood *dos these are the kingdoms of my kin and they are glorious and none of them are real *breaks down and cries*
uploads mine edited ok
louis tomlinson Harry Styles Larry Stylinson One Direction larry hazza lou Haz hario and louigi hazza and lou
edit sakamichi no apollon these are a few of my favourite things kids on the slope jazz and friendship
I don’t think people have fully grasped the situation we are in.  We are about to enter 2014 which is the year of the horse. Andrew Hussie has an ironic obsession with horses. Now the question is, what exactly is he going to do during the year of the horse to show his ironic love. 
* gerard way frank iero mikey way my chemical romance ray toro stop it WHAT ARE THESE FEELINGS uggggh baaaaand how are you so delightful NO BUT WHAT EVEN IS THIS
1k anna frozen hans elsa Did you make all these things yourself There is literally not point to these and I know they will get over-gif'd But these are my favorite frames of each so No point* whoops Not gonna fix that tag
sherlock bbc sherlock series 3 hlv magic plant I seriously hate that the gif limitations on tumblr make me have to make these low resolution things maybe I will think of another way.
  • VOUS ÊTES UN PEU DE MERDE:you are a little shit
  • vous êtes une salope:you are a bitch
  • vous êtes une pute:you are a whore
  • vous misérable petite baise:you miserable little fuck
  • ce qui la baise (c'est que) :what the fuck (is that)
  • c'est quoi ce bordel:what is this shit
  • qui la baise êtes-vous :who the fuck are you
  • Fous le camp:get the fuck out
  • ...
these youtube comments for Little Things are killing me. K I L L I N G
mygifs the vampire diaries delena elena gilbert damon salvatore ian somerhalder tvd nina dobrev these two omg no WHY DO YOU DO THESE THINGS TO ME my feelings are just cray cray rn idek i'm still not very coherent but but but FLIRTY ELENA IS SO CUTE
Fanart les mis les miserables javert Enjolras jean valjean grantaire yeah no im not gonna tag everything no way dasghfj i love drawin kisses and thats a gr8 pun shut up GYMONT/JAVERT MY OTP im real proud of that e/r and a lot of these hope u enjoy
  • mom:She's pretty
  • me:His name is Heechul
  • mom:She's pretty
  • me:His name is Taemin
  • mom:She's pretty
  • me:His name is Kevin
  • mom:She's pretty
  • me:His name is sungjong
  • ...