• theres no way these things are real •
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edit sakamichi no apollon these are a few of my favourite things kids on the slope jazz and friendship
* gerard way frank iero mikey way my chemical romance ray toro stop it WHAT ARE THESE FEELINGS uggggh baaaaand how are you so delightful NO BUT WHAT EVEN IS THIS
mygifs the vampire diaries delena elena gilbert damon salvatore ian somerhalder tvd nina dobrev these two omg no WHY DO YOU DO THESE THINGS TO ME my feelings are just cray cray rn idek i'm still not very coherent but but but FLIRTY ELENA IS SO CUTE
  • mom:She's pretty
  • me:His name is Heechul
  • mom:She's pretty
  • me:His name is Taemin
  • mom:She's pretty
  • me:His name is Kevin
  • mom:She's pretty
  • me:His name is sungjong
  • ...
i wonder how many potential followers come to my blog and then just go ‘nOPE’ and exit the fuck out of that tab
louis tomlinson Harry Styles Larry Stylinson LOL mygifs mine queued fml lourry i fail at everything what are these hybrid things!!!! ugh i'm still on hiatus i promise but i was SO BORED and i can't do any schoolwork today so um hI even staying away from tumblr anyway i am actually leaving fo rEaL after today sO bc huge history essay thing??? anyway HAVE SOMe LOURRY
popular disney The Princess and the Frog and it's actually very fun to make and omg these gifs are like 99% of my dash no kidding everyone seems to love these 3D gifs so why not
my edits the vampire diaries delena 10 things i hate about you this is well this kinda sucks but i wanted to use these quotes since months ago so... it's actually amusing how i always make sets backwards start with the last gif i know tmi no one cares mary shut upppp by the way if anyone is not aware
dancing Sylar tahno aicosu
Michael Fassbender [1] mine: gif [1] raaaindrops on roses... uniforms maniacs sassy assasins cigarette smoke and suits that are classy guns being loaded; some whiskey to drink these are a few of my favourite things and welcome to our poetry evening everyone
robert downey jr. iron man rdj comic-con Iron Man 3 i took 200 of these ARE YOU TONY STARK OR RDJ
Personal science
photoset gerard way my chemical romance mcr smoking gerard smoking do not repost these separately i think this is one of the best things i've ever made
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countdown Korra legend of korra the legend of korra madi draws things i'm going to miss doing these so much these are so special to my heart even if not everybody got to see them or anything these were special moments and I'm so proud and so sad and augh I'm starting to tear up shit writing this at 6am with no sleep whatsoever
Things you cant avoid on Tumblr, no matter what kind of blog you are:
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this fucking guy omg