• theres no way these things are real •
gifs not mine Penguin penguin gif funny penguin theres no way these things are real
photoshop snk attack on titan eren jaeger EreRi Levi Rivaille really not happy with this but theres no way to go back and fix things soo
fun mentally ill things
never washing off your makeupthere is garbage all throughout your roomnever washing your clothes or your disheswhat the fuck is a showerwhen you just looked at the clock it was 12 but now its 4 am and you dont know how that happenedup all night, asleep all dayu either dont eat at all or you eat unti...
;; your back this looks awful because theres no way i could color this nicely and my computer's brightness is fucked up so i have no idea if these are to too bright or too dark or anyway i just need to leave these here how can all the ways you move be so. just so beautiful every little movement of yours makes my heart explode over and over again most beautiful angel ive ever seen and whenyou touch your hair on the third one i just
these are real things you can buy they better start taking custom orders soon
if i answer an ask meme and you want to turn it into a thread, you reblog it and turn it into a thread if you tag me in any chat/para starters i will save it to my drafts and reply to it when i have muse if i post an open chat/para rp you are more than welcome to reply to it im not fuckin scary yo ...
Tropes that are totally overused and I love them to death
grumpy jerk and actual ray of sunshine are BFFsmutual unrequited piningcharacter A falls fast and hard for character Bcharacter A slowly falls in love with character B over the course of several years, realization hits them that they’ve been in love with B for a long time hits them like a truckcool ...
uploads mine edited ok
Can we take a second to look at Kurt’s face in this gif? I don’t even know what to say here. I don’t even know how to add meta here. His face. His fucking face.  Bye.
1k lord of the rings the hobbit *gifs *fotr lotredit Rivendell things I've edited Lothlorien *auj hobbitedit mirkwood *dos these are the kingdoms of my kin and they are glorious and none of them are real *breaks down and cries*
well SOMEONES gotta be designing these costumes
louis tomlinson Harry Styles Larry Stylinson One Direction larry hazza lou Haz hario and louigi hazza and lou
stop calling your makeup "war paint"
stop calling your inspirations “spirit animals” stop appropriating native cultures thoughtlessly stop
I don’t think people have fully grasped the situation we are in.  We are about to enter 2014 which is the year of the horse. Andrew Hussie has an ironic obsession with horses. Now the question is, what exactly is he going to do during the year of the horse to show his ironic love. 
edit sakamichi no apollon these are a few of my favourite things kids on the slope jazz and friendship
im laughin anthony makes posts there are no pictures
f(x) snsd iu sulli 2ne1 KARA park bom t ara that's not the point femaleidols by seunghyonq yes i know i didn't cover everyone bc 1. scandal may be too old or 2. nb didn't translate neg comments cause i got all of these from nb and no i'm not saying all of these people and every female idol in a scandal are the victims the point is that female idol + scandal = lose everything cause they're supposed to be p e r f e c t and it shouldn't be like that