• these look so fast •
* dean winchester 1kplus spn 4x07 spnedit gilmckinney sorry idk why these look so fast
Montreal Canadiens Habs brendan gallagher these kids grow up so fast
uploads these look so good right now
** tom hiddleston these look so bad but the video was so orange before so
gif mine parallels glee santana lopez naya rivera diva this took so long it's a perfect performance but it's hard to gif it's so fast!! but look at her sexual moves in performances you're too perv san i'm sorry if some of them look weird
1k mine 2k barack obama michelle obama i'm dying Inauguration 2013 LOOK HOW ADORABLE THEY ARE LOOK AT THEIR ARMS AROUND EACH OTHER oh my word who reblogged this that it got so many notes so fast mine: inaugural edits
gif Harry Styles LFW i'm obsessed with your profile and jaw i never watch these gossip videos btw i just fast forward and look for harry clips haha
gifs lupita nyong'o Lupita Nyongo lupitanyong'oedit probably gonna go back and retag my newer gifs as 'gifs' but anyways these probably go too fast but the video moment is so weird?? so like 0.06 looks too slow these are ugly im sorry but shes so gorgeous ugh not sure about the coloring either I SAY 'NEWER GIFS' BUT REALLY IT SJUST THE STEVEBUCKY GIFSET OMFG
the vampire diaries my stuff tvd caroline forbes candice accola Vampire Diaries klaus Joseph Morgan klaroline ALL THE FEELS I SHIP THEM SO HARD Klaroline all the way not the best coloring but it was a fast one look at his face he is so happy
mygifs Dylan O'Brien mtv movie awards dylan pls these look so shitty I'm sorry :(
gif 1k Demi Lovato sorry skyscraper Grammy Bluevato these gifs look so ugly
~ Teen Wolf allison argent some of these look awful i'm so sorry
Jesus inspiration all time low Alex Gaskarth ATL inspire I'm getting through these so fast but so many inspirations to inspire to be a brILLIANT PERSON
kyo Fruits Basket kyo sohma shigure shigure sohma gifs:furuba these are old so excuse the quality/im being forced to post bc i'm running out of space on my computer idk i need to find a download higher than 420p/sorry the subs are a bit fast
film my stuff Quentin Tarantino Inglourious Basterds death proof kill bill Django Unchained im bored and i made these so fast im trash this was a tagline to kill bill im not just quoting wrath of khan i swear
mine Teen Wolf stiles stilinski 3B 3b spoilers the slow mo makes these look so weird
1k klaine kurt hummel blaine anderson my stuff i'm so mad (these look so gross but tumblr apparently hates me tonight)
1k wow so fast