• they're not so different after all •
:) gifs frozen kp Princess Anna Disneyedit disney frozen queen elsa kpfilm frozenedit GIFs:Frozen frozeneaparallels they're not so different after all
dean winchester idek UGHHHHHH spn edit spnedit so yea ill shut up now i did stuff capturedeans challenge capturedean thedeadangelsnet wendigonet its so freakin small i might have given up on this one oh and different flowers=different choices thats why he's conflicted GET IT (also they're kinda sucking whole energy/life/whatever from him thats why theyre so big and colourful and dean is all b&w) as you can see I HAVE A WHOLE STORY but im not exactly pleased with the result
99% of tumblr users wont reblog this because it wont fit in with their blogs or will make them “ugly” reblog if you are in the 1% that will
pokemon rayquaza pokemon variations pokemon variants god i love rayquaza designing all of these was so much fun even if they're not well drawn
shinee jonghyun taemin gif* gif:shinee i have no idea JongTae gif:taemin gif:jonghyun yay it's my first gifset i'm not sure what's up with the watermarks they're all different but i couldn't change it why do i even watermark
Aang queued avatar the last airbender Korra the legend of korra wan kyoshi roku kuruk yangchen ok so yeah I picked the firebending scene from the first ep I love how each avatar is different and I would love to know all their stories especially yangchen because we don't know much about her they're all humans who get to relive their past lives' mistake my headcanon is that yangchen constantly kept the world at peace (because she can sacrifice her own spiritual needs to do so) and the after effect of that action is kuruk's 'go with the flow' attitude she left the world so at peace that kuruk has nothing to do so in a way even if you don't make a mistake you STILL make a mistake its a never ending cycle then kyoshi had to fix all of kuruk's fuck ups just shows how each action you make has positive or negative effects anyway I'd love to know all their stories
mine like but not really lotredit hobbitedit why are u like this tolkienedit YAY KINGS and they're all so different like aragorn and bard want the best for their people and are so selfless and brave and being king is not something that they wanted you know like they don't care about power they just want to protect those they love and theoden is all king business he really carries that title with pride and he knows his business and thranduil is king asshole he really cared about his people but not about non-mirkwood beings except bard bc they're total bros but he's been king for like 3000 years so he doesn't give a shit anymore he's just done with everything and thorin is the biggest fuck up ever he doesn't even get to be king?? like not really being king was his downfall but aragorn and bard are probably the best kings when it comes to actually being king and ruling people good leaders
akatsuki !naruto deidara sasori ascacious !NarutoEdit sasodei series: naruto not at all but i tag it anyway exactly the same placement and style as the enemy photoset i'm losing my already minimal creativity but wow i feel very energised after making photosets about them they're like home to me duo: artists
game of thrones asoiaf Sansa Stark Brienne of Tarth gotedit gotsansastark gotbrienneoftarth got ladies idk i wasnt sure about this but i love their relationship/potential relationship so much they're so similar yet so different idk????
random that's so raven Raven-Symoné I try to remember that every day after all I lost 88 lbs precisely under the pressure of society and guess whatI still look for flaws in my appearance then believe when I say that losing weight is not everything your self esteem should be based on your personality NOT your body image otherwise you'll never be completely happy with your appearance no matter how skinny you get
1k gifs edit 5k badlands ashley frangipane HALSEY halseyedit badlandsweek i'm losing the plot after this i'm never giffing again idk i actually like some of these but imagine this concept in the hands of someone less lazy and more colourfully inept also thank u to my hoe wife for helping me and giving me half these ideas i actually saved all the psds for these too for once lmao but they're all just frame by frame and they look ugly so like who would want to make one of these anyway i do not recommend the last ones were so rushed and nasty i'm sorry
glee cast they're all so attractive fucK
my stuff grace helbig midnight Mamrie Hart Hannah Hart p2 holy trinity hh edit ht edit it's really bothering me how they're not all centered but they weren't centered in the video and i didn't feel like trying to center them all after some gifs were already made also i think i cut one of hannah's answers out I'M SORRY HANNAH
my gifs the hobbit fili kili 1k notes Thorin the desolation of smaug You want some feels? Take all of mine because I can't handle mine Nope not one fucking bit I am way to attached to these people And they're all going to die and so AM I
can we all just appreciate
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frozen elsa they're about as straight as a motherfucking slinky
* k Teen Wolf Sterek *tw otp: sterek i've had this headcanon for a long time where somewhere down the road scott agrees that him working as derek's pack is the only way to defeat the alpha pack and allison trails along and tries to come to a truce with derek because neither of them want anyone there to die and isaac comes to derek and is like 'i know it took me a while but i'm here so just tell me what you need' and boyd and erica nod along because running away didn't help anything and because erica is alive okay jackson and lydia refuse to officially be under anyone else's power but they enjoy the thrill of being on the winning side and their bet is on this pack so they stick around most of the time and stiles stiles is the only one who never needed to say anything he demands that they have official pack meetings and he shows up to every one and derek tries not to look surprised every time he walks into the loft but his face has always betrayed him and this is no different but pack meetings mean that derek has to stand in front of all of them and offer plans and strategies and even though he has a habit of lecturing teenagers one-on-one this just isn't his forte he was never meant to lead people this way and 95 percent of the plans are stiles' anyway that he's letting derek take credit for so the first time he's sort of just choked up and they're all staring at him expectantly and he doesn't know how to say that they picked the wrong alpha and he's not clever enough to keep them all alive but stiles walks up next to him and starts explaining what each of their jobs is and then he grabs derek's hand and squeezes it and derek lifts his chin and finishes explaining the plan and in the biggest plot twist of derek's life it works flawlessly and they defeat the alpha pack and the next friday they all show up at the loft anyway and erica's just like 'well are we getting this pack meeting started or what?' and scott's like 'i only said until the alphas were gone so if i'm going to be here you better have pizza' and derek clears his throat to suppress a grin and they all pretend not to notice when stiles holds his hand throughout every pack meeting from then on long after derek stops being so unsure of himself and waiting for them all to leave him without looking back
This probably beat the record for the number of anime refere...