• they screwed themselves by saying sokka specifically was dead •
my gifs stars Aang Sokka Avatar atla katara zuko toph avatar the last airbender mai azula Korra atla gif ty lee this hurt my heart to make avatar gif dead hearts dead hearts by stars
Aang A:TLA my work zuko SORT OF avatar:the last airbender zukaang but seeing this katara and sokka art by pugletz i assumed that it's not just me so it's okay i don't know what's wrong with me i have more aang's death themed pics i just need to finish them i know i screwed up the island lots of sad feelings this week should've used reference
Aang Sokka A:TLA katara zuko suki Avatar: the last airbender toph but really it's obvious which ones i gave up on lolol i was distracted by the walking dead all the shane feels thanks tumblr for messing up the timing
doctor who steven moffat the end of time 50th anniversary the day of the doctor
gif mine Seungri bigbang Lee Seung Hyun over 1k I was annoyed by the audience Seungri was talking but they kept saying gwiyomi
You guys need to understand that Infinite won the MAMA 2013 ...
Ever notice how some of the most terrifying things are also the most beautiful?
Yo, think about this...
The fact that black women have to be taught/learn how to wear our natural hair. THE HAIR THAT NATURALLY AND ORGANICALLY GROWS FROM OUR HEAD. And furthermore, have to learn to be comfortable with it. What other race of women has to do that?
1k sherlock 2k sherlock* SherlockEdit otp: gay
gdragon Kwon Jiyong bigbang mv to movie That XX inspired from whistleblower i loved the movie so ok jenny kim
mexican indigenous mexica brownpride 1500s americanhistory vivamexico mexicolindo nicantlaca indigenouswarrior mexicapride indigenousroots
*** klaine kurt hummel glee blaine anderson otp: you're the love of my life please don't think this is like anything bad it's just i'm really sad with people saying blaine was an awful boyfriend who never complimented kurt because he did blaine was a good boyfriend he screwed up with kurt big time yes but it doesn't take away everything BOTH kurt and blaine have done for each other you know you don't forget that
1k * quote johnny depp
jake stop suicide reblog this maybe
The members were saying that Jongin was actually scared of Kyungsoo when they first met. He didn't e...
Jongin’s expression when the rest of the members were talking about how he used to be scared of Kyungsoo. Caption: Kai was really scared of D.O. Caption: He (Jongin) once said, “I don’t want to eat with Kyungsoo.” Kyungsoo: “Honestly speaking, don’t I buy enough?...
disney disney world animation hollywood studios disney animation animation backgrounds rly rly rly amazing
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