• thighs of betrayal •
idk why people are surprised i have trust issues when we live in a world where sometimes naps just make you more tired
Soft thick thighs are the pillows of Life.
Subway Sandwich Thighs: A Blight Upon Women's Legs in Comics
Please, No More Subway-Sandwich Thighs! I want to talk about a comic art convention I see from time to time that really gets up my nose.  Now, when I say convention, I mean an accepted technique or practice in the field rather than a gathering of gloriously enthusiastic nerds in costume.  In this in...
me curvy sexy thighs body image Plus size thick voluptuous self love rubenesque i don't give a fuck when the garters roll down because look i'm still damn pretty!
S/O to all of the beautiful black girls with thick thighs and brown eyes cause y'all fine as hell
3193) I look down at the size of my thighs more than I look at the world around me.
Personal amazing ass Ton of Jon lovely thighs
I'm the kind of person everyone replaces after a while.
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tattoos inked tattoo ink ship old school never lighthouse minet when i'm going to stop posting pics of my thighs? lolz hehehehhe
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