• this could be a wooya gifset LOL and hyun always goes along with it •
myungsoo woohyun sungyeol Idiots Hoya gif: Infinite wooya hoya pls all: infinite gif: wh gif: hy yep that's it; that's my caption idc this could be a wooya gifset LOL and hyun always goes along with it there are a lot more moments; also of others doing the punching; but hoya by far does it the most lol sigh the colouring took so long orz and it looks so messy @__@ this reminds me of that other gifset of hoya where he always gets carried leave him alone >:(
my gifs otp edward cullen Bella Swan the twilight saga twilightsagaedit I made a photoset like this long ago but I've always wanted it to be a gifset so I finally made it queue: fishing with Charlie (ACTUALLY MARATHONING TWILIGHT WITH MOMMAAAAAAA)
myedit Evelyn Carnahan the mummy Rick O'Connell myfilms jonathan carnahan themummyedit I could make a thousand gifs with quotes just from this movie unfortunately my film is brokhe place where my favorite quote is located so I just had to allow it to float along Honestly I could have made a gifset with only Evy and probably another just for Jonathan but I thought it better to just make the one
does anyone have like a default obsession like your mind switches through these current obsessions and once the hype kind of dies down, there’s always this one fandom that it switches back to when there’s nothing else new and it’s like always there without fail
I think when they announce the names of the episodes tomorrow, shit is going down in the Sherlock fandom. 
Korra lok spoilers why grids tho legendof korra YOUR FAVES COULD NEVER BE THIS CUTE ALSO HOW SHE GOES WITH IT DUMB!!
~ mine sherlock bbc sherlock johnlock ilu Unconditionally song of the week my child this could be a johnlock gifset and it could also be about my love for this bb (i love how all the heartbreaking love songs can be told from sherlock's pov this hiatus) (if this was last hiatus this would be a john gifset) (they both truly deserve each other thank u s3)
woohyun Hoya gif: Infinite holding hands ;-; wooya all: infinite gif: wh gif: hy this is pointless but so is tumblr so shut up uwu 110331 I suck at writing captions but lol idc :D
mine patrick stewart Ian McKellan seth meyers THIS WAS SO ADORABLE late night with seth meyers watch the video bc there are so many good parts I always wonder what talk show hosts are saying when it goes to break haha and how sir ian calls it a 'chat show' lol
love boyfriend gentleman Preppy prep prepster how to be a gentleman prepp
destiel THINGSIMADE dean and cas aka my meta the greatest love story the world has ever heard
gifs kdrama kim soo hyun jeon ji hyun jun ji hyun you who came from the stars man from the stars if only this wasn't a dream :( please let them grow old together
One Direction LOL 1D directioners andy samuels You Must be new here this gif goes with it too hipsta please we ARE the FBI
Seungri Big Bang daesung top taeyang gd g-dragon bigbang k-pop d-lite v.i sol Choi Seung-hyun bbgifs Kwon Ji-Yong i am so in love Dong Young-Bae Kang Dae-sung Bbang lee seung-hyun Wow fuck them tHESE ARE ALL THE VIDEOS I COULD FIND THAT WEREN'T SHIT QUALITY this isn't even half of the cute pictures and videos and shit bleh
orihara izaya five light yagami makishima shougo chrollo lucilfer drrr!!edit mineANIME anime for ts fuckyeah10k memeFANGIRL hxhgraphics psychopassedit mine2k14 tgedit zntedit i would have loved to include shishio makoto here or shirasu and one of the homunculi from FMA I wanted to include someone from too SnK but i could not decide on which one so I left snk out this has been in my drafts since forever but I could not post it until i could find a perfect light yagami scene to include in here i'm suppose to be making an Uta gifset today but my friend just called and I need to go and will leave you guys with this. ^_^
the it crowd countdown yeah so what I'm watching countdown on a Monday it could be worse
doctor who otp mine 5 doctor x rose also dwedit dwparallels dredits rtdedit i thought of this few days ago at...3am lol and i finally got around to make it ITS BEEN A WHILE SINCE I MADE SOME PROPER PARALLELS /that i havent seen being made before?/ STUCK WITH EACH OTHER. ALWAYS. 'everyon leaves home in the end' is for every rose hater claiming she is horrible for wanting to move on. be with the person she loves. like its expected of her to live with her mom always /smh/ *everyone
funniest posts lol