• this episode is still sort of surreal to me •
please ;~~~; welp type: gif whatever man type: mine animanga: naruto my sweet prince omfg what the fuck photoshop you tricked me!!! this was not how fast i wanted it to be this episode does so many things to me and i actually can't watch it in one go uchiha bros for life kishi can you just give them some sort of progress in the next chapter WHY WOULD YOU INTERRUPT ITACHI WHEN HE IS ASKING IF SASUKE IS OKAY I JUST NEED THEM TO TALK character: uchiha sasuke
So, the episode list of Sherlock is now:
A Study in Pink The Blind Banker The Great Game A Scandal in Belgravia The Hounds of Baskerville The Reichenbach Fall The Empty Hearse The Sign of Three
1k star wars yoda star wars episode vi star wars return of the jedi gif:starwars gif:rotj this was hard to colour and the quality of this movie file isn't great but sassy yoda is still the best
** supernatural dean winchester sam winchester s5 s6 s8 spnedit mannequin 3: the reckoning man's best friend with benefits sam interrupted hestheonlyfamilyigot there's also this great line by lilith in MatEotB where she's all ''self-sacrifice is the winchester way isn't it'' and i sort of wanted to include it but it doesn't really hit on the point i want to make i don't think sam hiding his illness from dean is badly intended i think it's because he wants to show he can do the trials and still survive and it's just what sam and dean do: push down the pain and carry on it's so ingrained in them at this point i just wish this idea hadn't been bogged down by the general shittiness of the ep
my gifs supernatural dean winchester castiel destiel tv shows otp: profound bond !supernatural perchedangel watch me jump on the bandwagon oh yea i don't know if those little moments between them are deliberate (as in if there's some sort of a deep meaning to them) but even if they're not the whole shoulder touching thing became somewhat iconic for them not that it's exclusive to this pairing because well it IS fairly common and maybe it's just another form of pandering idk but i don't really care if i read too much into it because this is how the whole thing started right i'm still bitter about dean's mark being gone though the man who loved too much
gif robert downey jr. tony stark Chris Evans Chris Hemsworth Steve Rogers thor odinson mine 6 okay bear with me this is going to be a long rambly text post look at Thor okay he's not in Asgard but here because of his brother I PRESUME and like he doesn't know anyone but he's still  this big fun person who is so OPTIMISTIC sometimes and it wounds me but being among mortals is fun for him I guess so okay then Steve who's like both out of Brooklyn and his element and his time he's not literally lost like Thor but still lost and I want to hug him and stuff he doesn't understand anyone and anything because of the ~generation gap~ and it's so much more heartbreaking than Thor because at least he has an EXCUSE he's a universe-travelling demigod on Earth for a vacay/stay-cay/other and earth is Steve's home and he's so out of his element I want to cryyyyyy but even worse than Steve is Tony because while Thor's away from home and Steve is out of his time Tony doesn't have an excuse like he sort of feels like he doesn't belong ANYWHERE because from young he's never really ~fit in first because he's the famous Howard STARK's son and second because he's this child prodigy and he's never really been given the opportunity to bond with anyone most of his friends are his employees but then IRON MAN YES TONY STARK NO and it just crushes him and then he's called in to join them and he's all I DON'T PLAY WELL WITH OTHERS because he's afraid he'd rather get himself thrown out early on then stay and have people say 'oh Tony it's not you it's us this is just not working out' better to not be part of something at all than told he can't be part of something FEELINGS HOUR
castiel fave the answer is yes spnedit spnedits bentobride!SPN The Anatomy of Corporeal Stardust Still a countdown to the video game themed episode *reaches out to next episode whilst whimpering* *grossly sobs at Charlie-Dean hug* If you're thinking to yourself did she use an Assasin's Creed map If you're thinking to yourself did she misspell Croatoan in that one box The answer is y e s Let this be known as the birthday I spent locked in my room editing Cas' gorgeous ass
gif mine charlie mcdonnell charlieissocoollike charlieissoboredlike video: nice airport this has been another exciting episode of 'sabrina gifs the entire video and the quality is still shit'
my gifs doctor who David Tennant Billie Piper Rose Tyler q Tenth Doctor ten x rose EVERY TIME HIS FACE OK i do not even want to get into what all this ended up causing becuase i refuse to think about it but either way this is still one of my favorite things between these two it was hilarious and totally adorable also it makes me think that they must have done things like this all the time when they were in the past but seriously this and the end when they're talking about the royal family being werewolves makes the episode for me my doctor who gifs
1k * red supernatural spn my graphic spn eps since dw is probably going to kill me i made this to postpone my own death not very clever i know but i'm thinking of doing a sort of farewell to the ponds graphic later
gifs omg Aang Korra legend of korra lok tenzin omg I swear the last 10 minutes of every episode now is going to give me a freaking heart attack this was so scary @__@ I can't even anymore right now WHAT WAS THIS @n@
gif love doctor who kiss gay John Barrowman Season 2 Torchwood love is love Ianto Jones Gareth David-Lloyd captain jack harkness 2x03 janto episode 3 133 to the last man twquotes
mine sherlock bbc sherlock i've made this exact same joke before but it is STILL RELEVANT this isn't very nice of me sorry in reality these sorts of graphics make me get all teary eyed there just happen to be a lot of them
okay this is stupid but this is driving me CRAZY this girl on Facebook just posted a picture of her and her friend at the zoo in front of the tiger exhibit and she made the caption “lions and tigers and bears oh my!” That’s not the annoying part. Her friend’s last name is LYO...
Adventure Time doodle I Remember You
louis tomlinson One Direction yup but koala this is property of me this is a boring rant this is really lame i felt the need to share it
homestuck animation too many trolls to tag
on a scale of one to invade russia in the winter how bad is your idea