• this is basically a gifset of lily swearing in the movie lol •
1k the mortal instruments Lily Collins gifs(3) stuck in love samantha borgenst this is basically a gifset of lily swearing in the movie lol no but i loved it so much i'm gonna make another one of her without quotes and you can request stuff if you want
LOL epilepsy warning Arya Stark maisie williams princess of winterfell:mine gotedit mineMAISIE gotaryastark fuckyeah5k mineRXN this is basically a rxn gifset from Maisie's vine reflecting what we do in tumblr
doctor who stuff dw cast i love this man so much peter capaldi dwedit i will defend him till my last dying breath
sunshine Lily Collins by*ks stuck in love tmicastedit samantha borgens lcollinsedit i love this movie and her character to bits! and if you haven't fallen in love with lily collins yet you should look closer at this gifset:) you are the cutest and the best
1k my gifs 5k The Avengers 10k Captain America Steve Rogers Thor marveledit age of ultron this is dumb i'm sorry nerd post avengers: age of ultron i'm basically just entertaining myself at this point (he was less flippy in age of ultron but way more rotisserie chicken spinn-y and twirly) (maybe the flips will return in the next movie)
kaworu evangelion nge swearing shinji curse words kawoshin screams tbh all i want for xmas/newyears is kaworu's head or at least a slice of it shinji's sobs in the bg
my stuff Pride and Prejudice Sam Riley jane austen it's so funny lily james Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is this moment in the actual movie? and before someone say something i didn't use the scenes from this trailer i chose some of my fave moments of this scene instead
How to Swear Like a Spaniard
One of my favorite things about living in Spain was speaking Spanish. Blinding flash of the obvious, speaking Spanish in Spain, but I loved every minute of it. I loved ordering breakfast at the cafe around the corning of my apartment. I loved chatting with the bus driver. I loved talking to my littl...
1k the mortal instruments Lily Collins gifs(3) stuck in love samantha borgens this can be an outfits or full body shots (sort of) appreciation gifset
1k doctor who *** gif* dwedit this is basically a remake of my old dw gifset i really do not know what i was aiming for while making this but playing with the colors was pretty fun
* Benedict Cumberbatch *bc *10k oh bless *bcg gq men of the year 2014 THIS IS THE BEST SPEECH IN THE WORLD BENEDICT DRUNK BENEDICT SWEARING
submission swearing
mine :( how i met your mother himym cobie smulders neil patrick harris Josh Radnor jason segel alyson hannigan fuck everything himym* but i love it so much himyms* I MADE 30 GIFS AND I HAD TO CHOOSE ONLY TEN AND YEAH I KNOW THIS QUOTE IS FROM SHERLOCK AND IT FITS BASICALLY IN ANY FANDOM EVER AND I'M SO EMOTIONAL LIKE UGh~~~ THESE 5 FUCKERS ARE MY WHOLE LIFE AND THEY DON'T EVEN EXIST DON'T GO AWAY PLEASE (oh yeah the gifset i promised because of my goal - thank you all for the love!!!)
The Swan Princess antoscrap4 pointless gifset but there is never anything about this animated film on tumblr and it's my ultimate favorite /forever in a corner with my unpopular opinions can we talk about how much of a hbic Odette was? she practically grew up knowing she was betrothed to Derek since day 1 finally when their chemistry was perfectly in-sync she still refused his sorry ass because he only wanted her for da booty let's not even talk about how much of a dumbass Derek is lol i'm actually glad Odette was 'the bigger person' anyway and then she gets kidnapped and cursed by Rothbart the freak but she keeps refusing his hand in marriage every single day even if it meant that she had to stay cursed forever your faves could never okay on a sidenote: I wish Odile was a badass villain like in the 1981 Swan Lake film instead of the pointless old hag they made her out to be in this version ugh I just wish they would make a really awesome movie adaptation of this fairytale tbh there is alot of potential (Bloomie I hope you're reading this)
:( fili kili Hobbit Spoilers tauriel battle of five armies everyone is super dead trying to find people on a battlefield after a battle would be the worst
1k mygifs jily james x lily j f c do I need to put a disclaimer on this? THIS IS A JAMES/LILY GIFSET PLS READ B4 REBLOGGING otp: she hated him nah she didn't :'))) james has feeeeeelings he's a teenage boy who's a bit obsessed with lily evans he won't admit it but ofc he's jealous of snivelly - he gets to be close to lily and lily was annoyed by him but she didn't hate him it's canon u guys she didn't hate him
jupiter ascending reminds me less of Train than that Sam Hunt song that namedrops Train this movie is like that Sam Hunt song reconfigured as space opera
harry potter jily james potter lily potter I am terribly sorry for the lack of glasses in this gifset this has been sitting in my drafts for two months and someone already posted a better one today but here we are Lily Potter and the magical outfit changes
1k mystuff Thor not tagging everyone marveledit agents of shield Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. aosedit mine: aos and ward technically doesnt count but you know it fit with the gifset lol